10 best IT managed service providers UK in 2022


With companies increasingly relying on sophisticated technology to run their businesses, from cloud computing to cyber security software, partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider makes a lot of sense. Outsourcing all or part of your IT needs to a trusted third party allows you to:

  • Focus on high-value strategic work rather than IT troubleshooting
  • Access the best tools and expertise from IT experts
  • Ensure that your tech and IT processes are always up to date
  • Improve your cyber security, compliance, and disaster recovery.

But not all MSPs are the same. While some could be considered generalists, others focus on particular business sectors or technologies. For an IT partnership to work, you need to choose an MSP that meets your requirements. 

The wrong choice could result in a misalignment between your business goals and outcomes. What’s more, switching MSPs down the line can be a complicated process so it’s important to make the right choice.

To help you find the right fit, we’ll run through some of the best IT managed service providers in the UK, outlining their offerings and areas of expertise.

Dr Logic

Founded in 2003, Dr Logic is an ambitious, forward-thinking IT service provider that’s keen to work with like-minded companies. As founding members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), we’re passionate about Apple products and services. If you work exclusively or partially with Macs, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a range of fully outsourced, industry-leading IT services, including:

  • IT Consultancy: With expertise in IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting, and change management, we work with you to define your IT Success Criteria and, from this, present an IT Success Proposal. This sets out what success looks like for your company and how Dr Logic will ensure you achieve it. 
  • IT Project Management: Whether you know exactly what you want or need help defining the scale of a project, our expertise ensures any project goes ahead with minimal disruption to your business, from migration projects to server installations.
  • Cyber Security: Through our Core and Complete Cyber Security packages, we protect you against all possible threats. We help you with Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 accreditation, disaster recovery services, email security, and anti-virus software.
  • IT Support: By providing a fully outsourced IT support function and helpdesk, we take on the responsibility for your tech support, letting you focus on your business.
  • Managed Cloud Services: As experts in the cloud, we can manage all your cloud needs, from cloud migration to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and file sharing.

Are we a good fit?

We like to build long-term, high-quality partnerships rather than offering quick fixes. This means we tend to work best with ambitious companies who want to find new and creative ways to improve and grow. And our fully outsourced service allows you to get on with running your business while we take care of the technical stuff.

As Macs become more and more common for any business, and particularly in high-value roles, ‘IT knowledge’ sometimes isn’t enough — if you use Macs, iPads or iPhones, you need specific Apple expertise. 

If you’re looking for long-term planning to reach your business goals, we’ll partner closely with you to understand what you need and implement it — whether you need a full digital transformation or support for your existing technology.

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Response IT

With over 20 years of experience serving clients in London and the South-East, Response IT has built its business around three core pillars: service, security, and value.

Response IT offers a range of PC-focused IT services, including: 

  • Microsoft server and desktop support
  • General IT services, from providing internet access to equipment and software
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud phone systems
  • Project management

Are they a good fit?

Based in Guildford, Response IT serves customers in Surrey and the Greater London area. While they do have experience working with clients who combine PC and Mac hardware, they offer primarily PC-focussed IT support for small businesses, so they might not be a great fit for Mac-only users or large enterprises.

Their client base ranges from customers who have one IT user all the way up to 600, including accountancy firms, schools, consultants and advanced manufacturing organisations, demonstrating the strength of their comprehensive offering.

Response IT also offers flexible support agreements, appealing to businesses that might’ve got locked into long-term contracts before, or are experiencing rapid growth, and want the ability to change, and quickly.


Founded in 1992 and with a team of over 300 employees, Jigsaw24 is one of the top managed services providers in the UK. They are headquartered in the heart of London and deliver solutions to some of the UK’s biggest organisations in both the private and public sectors.

As well as being an authorised Apple reseller, Jigsaw24 offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Apple services
  • Cloud solutions and infrastructure
  • IT infrastructure
  • Workplace equipment, software, and services
  • IT services, including technical support and training.

Are they a good fit?

Jigsaw24 serves over 10,000 customers across the UK, including big names such as KPMG, Capital One, The Guardian, and Virgin Atlantic — as well as a host of public sector organisations. They are also an authorised Apple reseller with expertise in Apple products. 

As a larger MSP, they tend to work with well-established enterprise-size organisations. Given the size and scale of their operation, some businesses may prefer a more hands-on, personal touch offered by medium sized MSPs. 

Mustard IT

Mustard IT provides technical support to primarily small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Greater London area. They have offices in Central London and Hertfordshire. 

Mustard IT offers a broad range of services and solutions in:

  • IT support, from providing hardware, software, and training, to ensuring compliance
  • Cloud based computing services
  • IT consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure, including backup and disaster recovery services.

Are they a good fit?

Though Mustard IT primarily serves SMEs in the Greater London area, they have worked with larger businesses: for example, implementing Office 365 across Regus’ UK business centres, an office space provider. Their PC-centric approach, however, might not be a good fit for companies that widely use Apple products.  

Mustard IT offer 3-month contracts, allowing customers greater flexibility, though companies looking for a longer-term partnership might opt for the stability of a longer contract.

Additionally, their flexible pricing packages help businesses tailor the service they need to their business processes, and they prioritise quick response times: a maximum of 15 minutes with a target resolution time of four hours.

Content + Cloud

Content + Cloud is an IT services provider with a strong focus on helping its clients adopt and use Microsoft products and services. They have offices in London and Manchester. 

Content + Cloud provide a three-pronged offer of professional services, managed services and technologies that makes up a holistic approach to IT management. Within that, they provide services in:

  • Managed IT support
  • Cloud services
  • Solutions architecture
  • Backup as a service
  • Device and endpoint management

Are they a good fit? 

Content + Cloud works with customers across all industries, from legal services to manufacturing, and in all sectors. Serving all kinds and sizes of businesses, they emphasise the importance of tailored, customer-specific services rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Content + Cloud can help businesses with a wide variety of services related to Microsoft products or services, including Azure, Dynamics, and Office 365. But if your business uses Macs, you’ll have to look elsewhere for that much needed Apple specialism.

Systems and Smiles

Based in London and offering fully virtual IT support, Systems and Smiles supply and manage their customers’ IT software, hardware, and security needs, with a strong focus on helping remote teams. 

They focus on providing simple MSP services in straightforward language, including:

  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Data management
  • 24/7 IT concierge
  • Training for non-tech people

Are they a good fit?

As members of the ACN, Systems and Smiles provide Apple support alongside PC services. Their 24/7 IT support will also appeal to many — particularly those with remote teams working unconventional hours.

Their straightforward approach and training will help smaller businesses that have little in-house technical know-how. But bigger businesses or businesses with more specific needs who are looking to rapidly scale might want to look elsewhere.


A London-based IT MSP, Moof provides Apple-focused IT services to over 150 clients. They boast over 160 years of combined Apple IT experience within their technical team. 

Moof offers Apple-focused services across three core sectors: SME, education, and enterprise. As part of their full package, they offer:

  • Hands-on IT support
  • IT security
  • IT infrastructure services
  • Data protection and compliance services
  • Device management
  • Software packaging and deployment

Are they a good fit?

If you’re an SME, school or college, or enterprise business that primarily uses Apple products, Moof can help. In the education industry, they’ve carried out nearly 400 projects and can help enterprises with PC to Mac migration services.

Testimonials on their website attest to the excellent onsite and remote support they offer to their small and medium sizes business customers.

Outside of that – if you are a tech startup or you primarily use PCs, for example – you may want to look at another option.


With offices in Sheffield and London, Kaizen is a Mac specialist MSP offering IT solutions for corporate and SME customers in the creative sector. They’ve worked with clients including Channel 4 and Haribo.

Kaizen offers the following Mac-focused IT services, through tech upgrades, expansions and office relocations, alongside fixing issues that arise day-to-day. Their services include:

  • Help desk and technical services
  • IT consultancy
  • Cloud infrastructure and services
  • Communications infrastructure
  • IT hardware sales

Are they a good fit?

While Kaizen has worked with a range of businesses, including EDF Energy and eCommerce businesses, their aim is to “be the number one business-to-business IT support specialist for creative people in the UK.”

If you’re a Mac business in the creative industries, Kaizen will be an excellent fit for you. Outside of that niche, however, you might want to look for an MSP with more know-how and experience in your industry.


Founded in 2010, MacTribe works with businesses to create dependable IT environments that maximise technology ROI. An MSP who ‘embrace Windows and Apple as equals’, they were one of the first MSPs to focus on supporting Apple-Windows hybrid environments.

MacTribe offers a range of comprehensive IT solutions and services, including:

  • Cross-platform Windows and Mac support, including 24/7 monitoring
  • Managed services and consultancy
  • Server and network support
  • Cloud systems and migration
  • Security and user training
  • Equipment sourcing

Are they a good fit?

Headquartered in London, MacTribe serves customers in the Greater London area, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surrey. Offering flexible per-user pricing that can be up or downscaled as and when, their approach could be a good fit for businesses who are growing quickly — while equal support for both PC and Mac is a good fit for businesses who use both in their tech environment.

Their holistic offering can be used by businesses who want to either fully or partially outsource their IT support services, depending on their need for an end-to-end solution or help on specific things.


A small London-based managed IT services company formed in 2011, NDuo offers end-to-end solutions for Mac onboarding automation and Mac management.

NDuo has a clear offering of services aimed primarily at fast-growing startups, across a variety of industries. This includes:

  • Device management
  • People management systems, such as identity providers
  • Compliance and security management systems
  • Cloud services

Are they a good fit?

NDuo describe their primary area of expertise as ‘enterprise workflow’ that brings together device management, people management and compliance. If you’re a startup that’s looking to leverage the cloud, secure device management solutions and ensure compliance, NDuo will be able to help. As ACN members, they can help businesses that use Apple products. 

Due to the size of the business and scope of the offering, however, larger more established businesses may want to look elsewhere — and certainly if you use PCs.

Choosing the right IT managed service provider for you

No two managed IT service providers are the same. Choosing a provider that aligns with your business profile, technology, and goals is crucial to ensuring a successful partnership. 

If you’re a business that’s looking to manage your tech and grow your business with a fully outsourced IT partner with Mac specialism, get in touch with us today.

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