4 Dangerous Bad Habits your Staff have – and they may not even know they’re dangerous


In general, employees are not doing bad things on purpose or out of malice, but their actions can greatly impact the security of your organisation and data.

Cybersecurity – who knew it had an emotional side?

Well, it does. Tugging at the heartstrings and provoking the minds of humans can influence a corporate culture, making it one that is security-forward, cyber-aware and proactive about preventing bad things from happening at their own hands.

The flip-side is a culture that doesn’t care. One that isn’t aware of the myriad cyberthreats targeting not only an organisation’s network and data centres, but directly targeting humans. This is a culture that clicks without regard and unknowingly behaves badly when it comes to security. What your employees do—how they behave—when you’re not looking over their collective shoulder is entirely up to you. So, to implement awareness training or not to implement awareness training will always be the choice of individual business owners but a resounding number of organisations choose the latter.

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  • Only 11% of organisations continuously train employees on how to spot cyberattacks.
  • 24% admit to monthly training
  • 52% perform training only quarterly or once a year.

Email is an Open Door

Last year 61% of organisations suffered an attack where malicious activity was spread from one infected user to other employees via email. This risk has almost certainly increased as more workers work from home and remotely and where, possibly, the regular training regime of a company gets de-prioritised during these every-changing times.

Companies shouldn’t under-estimate the risks their own people create, almost certainly unintentionally, and we always recommend and implement stringent email security measures for our customers. Dr Logic work with Cyber Security Experts, Mimecast, who make business email and data safer for tens of thousands of customers with millions of employees worldwide.

But whoever you decide to use, companies must continually train their staff on good cyber-behaviours if staff inboxes are to remain a closed door to malicious activity.

If you’re interested in how Dr Logic can help change your staff behaviours and provide an increased level of cyber-security, please get in touch.

*Global research from Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Mimecast

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