Are your Team Familiar with the Language of the Apple Ecosystem?

Understanding Apple Language

Dr Logic is. And as Apple device use is on the rise at major corporations you’ll want to know why we partner with MDM experts Addigy.

Embrace the Shift

Apple products are famously low-maintenance and an MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform brings multiple benefits to companies who may be thinking of making the switch from Windows PC to Apple.

Technology giants like IBM are increasingly turning to Mac computers for employees who want them. And this movement isn’t new anymore. As early as 2014, a study by Gartner indicated that PC sales were declining — 87 percent of devices shipped back in 2015 were mobile phones and tablets.

As trends move toward mobile devices and an increasingly remote workforce, it follows that companies are choosing the brand that builds devices optimized for mobile use.

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Make the Switch

If you’re in an environment that primarily supports Windows PC users, your team may not be familiar with the language of the Apple ecosystem or Apple Consultants Network. Which is why, as Mac experts ourselves, we partner with MDM experts Addigy . And we’d like to share their white paper on the benefits of making the switch to Apple.  So, take a bite and click here to find out more. 200220_WhitePaper_AppleEcosystem_Final

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