What’s the best enterprise antivirus for Mac in 2022?

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Many people believe that the strength of Mac OS security means they don’t need antivirus software — they’re wrong!

In a connected world, where cyber-attacks increased by 31% last year1, it’s never been more important to protect your business with an enterprise-grade antivirus solution that’s flexible, sophisticated, and secure.

In this article, we’ve pulled together knowledge from our team of security experts at Dr Logic to guide you through choosing the best Mac enterprise antivirus software. Whether you’re looking for dedicated Mac support or you want to protect a hybrid PC/Mac setup, we’ll help you make the best choice for you and your business.

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The enterprise antivirus landscape

Crowdstrike: Our recommendation

Crowdstrike’s Falcon platform is our professional recommendation here at Dr Logic. It delivers on all of the key criteria customers need from their Mac enterprise antivirus (more on that later) while providing strong, secure, and consistent performance across Mac and Windows OS. That flexibility to provide security for mixed IT infrastructure is certainly a bonus. 

The Falcon suite provides complete protection across antivirus, threat intelligence, device control, and firewall management, with AI-enhanced features allowing businesses to prepare for threats before they present themselves. You can choose between different tiers of protection, getting the services you need and not paying for those beyond your requirements. Critically, Crowdstrike has been on the leading edge of development — ensuring that you always have up to date protection able to deliver quality outcomes. 

Crowdstrike’s single platform allows thinly staffed teams to manage every end-point from one place, with high-risk industries such as finance, healthcare, and energy trusting Crowdstrike to keep their IT assets safe.

Sophos: A close second

Sophos is another big name in the enterprise antivirus space for Macs. Like Crowdstrike, Sophos does a great job at protecting end-points at scale. Sophos’ Intercept X offers comprehensive protection when you fine-tune the configuration. Firewall, antivirus, and server overload protection are all delivered through separate solutions. However, they ultimately end up in a single, easy-to-manage console that further integrates into tools such as Teams, Slack, and Splunk. 

The main factor that makes Sophos a close runner-up to Crowdstrike is the speed of updates. For example, Crowdsrike was faster to protect Mac’s latest OS, Monterey. That, coupled with fewer support options, is why we rate it just behind Crowdstrike as the best enterprise antivirus on the market for Macs. 

SentinelOne: Another strong choice

SentinelOne is another great and highly sophisticated enterprise antivirus solution. SentinelOne’s Singularity platform gets its power from its automation, positioning itself as ‘the autonomous cybersecurity tool built for what’s next.’

While SentinelOne offers great flexibility in their service offering, they do not specialise in Mac support. If you operate a PC-only business, SentinelOne is a great option. With that said, Crowdstrike’s flexibility might make them a leader when it comes to PC enterprise antivirus as well.

The consumer / enterprise crossovers

It’s worth mentioning some names you may be more familiar with, such as Norton, McAfee, AVG, and MacKeeper. While those with very basic enterprise needs may get by, we’d rarely recommend free antivirus or consumer-led products in an enterprise setting. 

In the main, this is because they lack the scale needed for effective management, making it nearly impossible to administer large numbers of devices. Their pricing models don’t convert to an enterprise-scale either, as they lack the flexibility, tiering, and advanced customer support needed to support a high-performing business.

At the end of the day, why take the risk? With so many fantastic Mac enterprise antivirus tools on the market, there’s simply no need to dive into the consumer antivirus market. 

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What to look for in Mac enterprise antivirus 

While we strongly recommend Crowdstrike, the biggest mistake businesses make is opting for an out-of-the-box antivirus solution. Your business is unique, so you need an antivirus solution that’s tailored to you — that’s where our IT consultants at Dr Logic helps businesses just like you. We act as your trusted advisor and partner and only recommend solutions that are right for your business — not the ones that offer the biggest profit margin to us

When it comes to finding the perfect enterprise antivirus for your business, you need to step back and consider what’s right for you. We recommend you start by considering the following key areas when looking for AV that protects your Mac.

1. Device flexibility

You need an antivirus solution that offers security no matter your operating system, so ensure your security isn’t compromised regardless of whether you use Mac or PCs. Particularly in an enterprise context, it’s more likely you’ll have a mix of PC and Mac users — failure to consider both could leave you open to attacks.

Ask yourself: Do I need antivirus cover for PC, Mac, or both? And Is the answer to this question going to be the same in a month or year’s time?

2. Multiple tiers of solutions

On top of device flexibility, you need an enterprise Mac antivirus solution that can deliver the support you need, both now and in the future. Look for solutions that offer a range of capabilities, covering everything from essential malware detection to full-scale, outsourced MDR.

But be sure suppliers don’t take you for a ride. You’re unlikely to need every service on offer, so tailor your requirement to maximise value. Likely, this is where outside, expert support will really help. We regularly support organisations in making these critical choices and tailoring an enterprise antivirus solution to their specific needs.

Ask yourself: What capabilities, support, and scalability do I need now and in the future? How is this likely to change over time?

3. Sophisticated and cutting edge

The cybersecurity world moves fast, so make sure you choose a solution that can move fast too. Cyber risks are constantly changing, so invest in a solution backed by cutting-edge technology and world-leading experts.

As we mentioned earlier, that’s why we love Crowdstrike. They moved quickly from Big Sur to support the latest Mac OS, Monterey — ensuring all of their enterprise Mac users could embrace the latest features and enhancements the OS upgrade provided, but without being put at risk.

Ask yourself: Is this provider cutting-edge? Will they keep my business safe even when the cyber world changes around us? Are there reviews I can read on them? Can my IT partner provide evidence of it’s effectiveness?

4. Additional support 

Remember, your IT security strategy doesn’t start and end with an antivirus solution — there’s so much more to it than that! You need to undertake cyber security risk assessments, implement process and software updates (90% of data breaches are caused by human error)2 and build infrastructure with security at its heart. 

By teaming up with an IT Partner, we ensure you cover every security angle, including disaster recovery, business continuity, email security, ISO certification, and workforce IT security training. Bring these strategies together, and your business will be in safe hands, protecting you and your people from the threats of the cyber world.

Ask yourself: What other cyber security protections do I need, and how does that fit in with my antivirus requirements? Will my staff be my biggest area of vulnerability?

Don’t use a templated solution

Enterprise antivirus is a key component of any good IT security strategy, whether you operate a network of PCs, Macs, or a hybrid of both. 

If you’re looking for Mac enterprise antivirus in 2022, the good news is there are many great options out there. But while we’ve made some recommendations, of which Crowdsrike is top of the list, we’d always recommend taking a bespoke look at your security needs. That’s where our team at Dr Logic can help. We partner with you to truly understand your business, your IT estate, and your strategy to create an enterprise antivirus plan that’s right for you in the long-term.

Of course, our expertise doesn’t end at just IT security. Dr Logic has a track record in helping ambitious brands leverage technology; from IT strategy and consulting, to the day-to-day management of your entire IT estate. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

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  2. 90 percent of data breaches are caused by human error | TechRadar

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