Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

How to Create Ambition in Your Staff?

Ambition in the workplace can mean anything from creating work you’re proud of and going the extra mile for a promotion, to competing against colleagues for employee of the week. There’s no doubt that a motivated, ambitious workforce are more productive and eager to succeed. So how do…

Why are Ambitious People Ambitious?

“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings” Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or achieve something. Determination, drive, enterprise and initiative often go hand-in-hand with ambition, but it can mean different things to different people. For some, ambition is seen as a positive trait…

Remote Working or Back to the Office?

At Dr Logic, alongside many other businesses, we became a fully remote workforce overnight in early 2020 – running IT Helpdesks, meeting with our clients and even doing virtual site visits from our homes. As we moved into 2021, the success of our fully remote workforce led us…

Common Mistakes of High Growth Businesses

Business growth is the process of improving some measure of a company’s success. It can be achieved in several ways, such as boosting revenue, increasing product sales, improving profitability or minimising costs. There’s lots of information out there about how to grow your business and achieve your goals,…

Give Away Don’t Throw Away

We’re heading towards a hugely negative environmental impact due to Covid-19 – and it’s not just the millions of discarded PPE items. It’s your old business tech. But you can do something about it. Before the pandemic we globally created 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste every year.

(Don’t) Do it Yourself: the Hidden Costs of DIY IT Support

When something needs fixing around the home, like a broken shelf or a leaky tap, it’s always tempting to do it yourself. And that’s often your best bet: it avoids the cost and hassle of getting someone out, and it’s a chance to brush up your DIY skills. But…


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