Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Optimise your Mac’s Battery Life

Not the most exciting subject matter, we agree, but is your MacBook battery lasting as long as it used to? Is your Mac running the latest macOS? You can reduce your battery life if you have programs that aren’t running efficiently – and an old version of…

Architects – the New Superheroes

Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The masked kind (NHS), the cape wearers and the kind who like to wear their pants over their tights. Dr Logic would like to introduce you to another kind – allow us to set off a party popper or two…

Now is a Good Time for a Tech Re-think

Well, this isn’t the start to 2021 we were hoping for, is it? Your plans, budget, staffing levels and order book are probably looking quite different to what you expected. So, we think now is a great time to take a long, hard look at your business IT…

The Dr Logic Guide to Some of the Coolest Tech Around this Year

We’ve all been really nice and not at all naughty this year. This means Santa will definitely be giving the Dr Logic teams exactly what they want. Here’s some of our team’s favourite tech from this year. And some great present ideas too! I love this Ubiquiti Amplifi HD…

Spending for Success – a Guide to the Perfect IT Budget

We need to talk about money. Specifically, about IT budgets. Now, more than ever, we’re all so much more reliant on technology – to keep our businesses running, our suppliers paid and our customers and our employees connected. But all that vital business IT costs money. And…

Continuity in a Crisis – learning from Covid 19

Business continuity planning is all about preparing your business for the worst that can happen by coming up with a really detailed game plan for steering your business through any calamity. Fail to plan, Plan to fail. In the past, that plan may have only been there for…


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