Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Why the Cloud is your Best Option for Identity Management

Directory service platforms are a vital part of your company’s IT infrastructure: they allow you to manage your staff’s user identities and connect them to apps, devices, networks and files – controlling both their level of access and the way that they use them. Traditionally, the solution was to…

Our 10 Top Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing is everywhere these days, isn’t it? It seems like barely a day goes by without the launch of some hot new cloud-based app or service. Once dismissed by IT traditionalists as a passing fad, the cloud is rapidly becoming the new normal for businesses of every size…

MFA Everywhere: Why Multi-Factor Authentication Matters

In today’s ever more daunting threat environment, a password simply isn’t enough to protect your business’ devices and the data on them. Partly because people make passwords – and people, however risk-aware – want convenience. So they tend to come up with simple passwords they can remember, which they…

The Dr Logic Guide to Developing the Perfect IT Strategy

Today, technology plays a major role in almost any type and size of company – whether you’re selling online, or just using everyday web-based tools like email. So when your company grows, you need to make sure your IT system’s capability, security and efficiency grows with it. In a…

Remote Working – Top 10 Tips from Dr Logic

To delay the spread of coronavirus, the government has encouraged all businesses to ask their employees to work from home wherever possible. Many of our clients were able to move their teams to home working pretty seamlessly as they’d already future-proofed their business for remote working. 1. Set up…

What is IT Support and How can it Help You?

While technology plays a massive part in all our lives, both at work and home, the world of IT support can still be a bit of a mystery to anyone not working in the sector. Even if you’re relatively tech-savvy, the jargon spouted by a lot of IT companies…


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