Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Getting Finance for Your High Growth Company

Our 5 Tips on Choosing a New IT Company

In today’s digital age, IT is the backbone of almost any business. You rely on it for everything from communications to security, online selling to digital marketing. So it’s vital to have reliable, expert support that can handle all your tech needs – whether that means managing your current…

Watch out for Phishing Emails Targeting your Business

One of the most important things you can do to stay safe on the Internet is to be careful while reading email. Online criminals know that we’re all busy, and we often don’t pay enough attention to what we’re reading or where we’re clicking. How do they do it,…

Ransomware: Do Mac-based businesses need to worry?

Ransomware isn’t a widespread problem on the Mac, but it’s likely to spill over from the Windows world more in the future. Read on to learn how you can ensure that you’re protected. Malware makes headlines regularly these days, and although Macs are targeted far less than Windows…


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Dr Logic are a different kind of IT company – we are a partner not just a supplier and ultimately help businesses turn IT into their competitive advantage. Are you an ambitious business wanting to grow? Watch our short video.

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