Why do I need an IT support company?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to sort out your business’s IT? Are you struggling to gain buy-in from the decision makers?

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18.01.17 / Dr Logic

IT Support

Perhaps you’re a business owner not convinced that you need or want someone external, but you’re spending more and more time trying to solve IT issues yourself? If you’ve started researching IT support companies and have happened upon our blog, here’s some food for thought.

You might think that it’s a bit too much to expect impartial advice from an IT support company, but we talk to lots of prospective customers facing this conundrum…”Am I really going to get value-for-money from paying for an IT company?”

This depends largely on your business. Are you reliant on IT to run your company day-to-day? If you lose work, could you lose a contract or a client, or have to spend hours re-creating the files? Is one of your team spending hours out of their day dealing with IT issues, pulling them away from their actual job? If any of these sound familiar, it may make sense to explore how an IT company could support for you.

But what exactly will you be getting for your money? And what should you be looking for from a provider?


Your computers, servers, licences, network, backup and security all need to be looked after

You don’t drive your car without checking the oil level, tyre pressure and taking it to the garage for a service now and again. It might be tempting to save time and money by leaving things alone especially when everything looks to be healthy, but fate tends to strike when it’s most inconvenient. If software isn’t updated, your backups go unchecked, software licences, warranties or domains expire, eventually something’s going to go wrong. Something more serious could even stop your team working and have a serious impact on your business, especially if you don’t have a plan in place.

At Dr Logic, we visit our clients onsite regularly to check all these things and more. We maintain documentation on your set-up, check for software and operating system updates automatically and deploy these for you. If you’re hacked or infected with ransomware, with the right backup in place to protect your work, we can erase and restore your files. Dr Logic also installs remote monitoring software, which alerts us of a whole host of issues. If there are unusual patterns in bandwidth use, signs of failing hardware, or disk space is getting tight, we’ll know straightaway. This means we can stop problems from occurring in the first place.


It’s not broken…

Paying for IT support when not much goes wrong might not seem like a priority. But, say there’s an accumulation of issues which have gone unnoticed and then something more serious does happen to your setup. You could face a long period of downtime, perhaps several days. Particularly if you’re then in the middle of a crisis and trying to find an IT provider to help when time is against you and you’re under pressure to make a decision.

A decent IT support company is not just there for fixing issues. If you’re with the right provider they can help you build an IT strategy for your business. A small or medium-sized company could really benefit from being able to discuss business challenges with trusted adviser. At Dr Logic we work with our clients (big and small) to identify where best to invest their IT budget, to recommend new technologies to make them more efficient and competitive, or simply advise when expanding their team, or relocating offices.

Don’t take data security for granted

Lastly, even small businesses are at risk from cyber attacks. We covered this in more detail in a previous blog post. Criminals are increasingly targeting smaller companies, which makes it even more important to take steps to protect your company and your data. Security is one of the first things we review when we start working with a new client. We look at some of the fundamental priorities, such as protection against malware and viruses. But there’s also a need to think about whether you need to protect against employees from taking valuable data, or downloading inappropriate material. Dr Logic support contracts include antivirus for all your machines, at no extra cost.

Of course, it’s in our interests to tell you to use our expertise to take care of your IT, whilst you focus on running your business! However, we’re also a growing company ourselves. So we understand that there’s always a need to manage costs carefully. Find out more about our Mac IT support and see what our clients have to say about us in our 5-star reviews.

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