Dr Logic’s Five Festive Finds

Get your geek on this Christmas with these five tech finds.

By jennie
07.11.17 / Dr Logic

Dr Logic - Five Festive Finds

It’s nearly that time again; Christmas is around the corner and frantic shopping mode is kicking in for panicked citizens all over the world. The anxiety over getting your loved one a gift that isn’t, well, lame, is a very real one and with the sheer choice of gifts (tacky or not) on the market it can become a bit overwhelming.

But never fear, as usual, Dr Logic is here to help and, for your eyes only, he’s drawn together some of his favourite tech finds to get you in the geeky yet Christmassy mood.

1.        Apple – Apple TV 4K


Dr Logic - Apple 4k TV

Apple’s TV 4K is our first find and it’s the perfect device to buy for someone who watches a bit too much TV. You can access all your favourite streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Netflix from one sleek device.

It’s a fantastic present for a family member since the high picture resolution and A10X Fusion chip means the kids can watch Moana in (annoyingly) vivid quality and you can play a load of IOS games without any buffering. For £199 we reckon this will be a present that will be used by everyone, all year round.

2.      Tile Pro-Series – Anything Finder


Dr Logic - Tile Pro

At £30, the Tile Pro Series Anything Finder is a great little gift for those family members who are always losing everything. You can clip this tile onto your possessions and its inbuilt Bluetooth tracker connects to the app on your phone. You can then check the map for its last known location, cool, right? The tile will also ring and vibrate, making it is super easy to find your lost items.

Another bonus is you don’t have to bother charging or putting batteries in it, so you can use it Christmas morning to find your keys, kids… anything, you name it.

3.      Kerv – Contactless Payment Rings


Dr Logic - Kerv

Just when we thought paying with your phone was cool, Kerv has brought out contactless payment rings. I mean, you don’t even need to charge it, it literally just connects to your virtual Mastercard and off you go, tapping it in every shop in the vicinity. They’re available in several colours, all armed with funky names such as Black Ocean and White Candy. It’s waterproof, it’s fashionable, and you can use it on the London underground, what more could you want? This is a great gift for any trendy pals who are looking for a unique and very, very cool piece of tech.

4.     Ring – Video Doorbell 2


Dr Logic - Ring 2

For £179 this gift is going to make someone’s life a lot easier. The Video Doorbell 2 is a next level security and convenience system that allows you to see who’s knocking on your door.

The reason this gadget is so worthwhile is that it could save you numerous trips to the post office to collect parcels. You can now see when the postman is at your door, armed with your highly anticipated, and probably late, Christmas gifts. Using the accompanying app that connects to the doorbell, you now have time to either leg it downstairs or speak through the app directly to him. You can even sit at work and tell your postman to leave the parcel with Ethel next door.

5.      Apple – MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID


Dr Logic - Apple Macbook Pro

Our final find must go out to our good old friend the MacBook. Treat someone, or yourself, to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID. These MacBooks come complete with a snazzy toolbar and touch ID that sends your Mac into the year 2020.

It’s not only the touch features that makes this new MacBook Pro great, but it’s also got a 3.1GHz processor meaning it will be the fastest Christmas gift you buy. It’s 521GB storage is another selling point, allowing you to save hundreds of terrible Christmas jumper photos for years to come.

We hope our finds have prepared you a little more for the upcoming festive period. Let us know your favourite tech gifts in the comments, we are always looking for more things to get geeky about.

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