How to fix the macOS High Sierra bug

Apple is already working to fix a serious bug within MacOS High Sierra. The flaw in the new operating system means it's possible to access the machine without a password, which would give anyone full access to your Mac.

All of our clients have already been notified about the issue and we're deploying fixes to everyone running on High Sierra this morning. But here's how you can implement the temporary fix yourself.

By jennie
29.11.17 / News

The Dr Logic technical team has put together a step-by-step guide to help you set a password for the root user. Just work through the following steps to implement the temporary fix for the current bug in the High Sierra operating system.

1. Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu

2. Select Users & Groups

















3. Click on the lock to make changes














4. Enter your Name and Password








5. Click on Login Options














6. Click Join














7. Click Open Directory Utility…












8. Click on the lock to make changes













9. Enter your User Name and Password








10. From the top menu select Edit and then Enable Root User









11. Enter a password for the root user













By entering a password, it prevents the root user from being accessed with no password.

If you’re a Dr Logic client we’ll already be in touch with you about the issue. If you’re an Apple-based company and you’re concerned about this issue and would like to know how our IT support could help your business manage its IT security, why not give us a call?






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