A Day in the Life of Dr Logic

Ever wondered what we get up to down at Dr Logic HQ? Well, wonder no more. Here’s an example of our typical day in all its glory.

By jennie
16.01.18 / Dr Logic

As it’s a new year we’ve decided to answer the question on everyone’s lips: what does a day as a Dr Logic employee actually consist of? It’s not a stupid question either because the answer is way more complicated than you may think. Truth is, we provide loads of different services and every day is different but, in order to break it down, we’ve created a nifty little infographic which shows you an example of some of the things we get up to.

Prepare yourself to be blown away by the strange scenarios we find ourselves in (puppies combined with wires is just one) and remember, you can contact us here if your business is in need of some Dr Logic support.


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