Slack – 5 things you might not be using on your Mac

At Dr Logic, we use Slack all the time when it comes to internal communication. If you’re already using Slack, I’m sure you know most of it’s main functions, but you might not be making the most of everything Slack has to offer. Here’s 5 lesser known features we find useful..

By Calum
17 Jan 2020 / How to do stuff!

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1. Narrow down your search results

Do you often find yourself scrolling through irrelevant past messages when trying to find something specific? Narrowing down your search results by blacklisting channels can help a lot. Here’s an example, there’s a channel for your team to have random non-work related discussion that you might not want to add clutter to search results, but you still want access to. To solve this issue, enter Slack’s preferences and click advanced then in ‘search options’ enter the name of the channel you’d like to blacklist. Less irrelevant results and less scrolling! The feature can be turned on/off whenever fits. See below.
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2. Speed up your message searching process

Make searching within Slack even faster and easier than it already is. No matter what the channel or conversation type “/s” followed by whatever you want to find. The results will then pop right up.

3. Create polls

There’s no direct way to create a poll within Slack but the message-reaction system is an extremely handy alternative. When you wish to ask a multiple choice question, you’ll need to assign an emoji to each option (they will become a participants voting tool). To do this, type out your question then press Shift+Enter to move down a line. The next step is choosing your first emoji reaction, my choice below was a black circle. To do this press the smiley face in your text box, located on the far right next to the @ symbol, and make your selection. After that, type the answer assigned to your chosen emoji, in this case mine was 9:30am. Repeat the steps by pressing Shift+Enter to move down a line again and select emoji number 2 followed by the answer. Do these steps as many times as needed! The final act is your team voting, all they need to do is press the smiley face with the plus in the corner (as seen below) and make their choice.

4. Keep on top of messages

When things are hectic a lot of messages get sent in a short period of time and keeping up can be tough. To make sure you don’t miss anything, save your place in a channel or direct message by holding down the Option key and clicking the timestamp displayed. A ‘timestamp’ is just the time a message on Slack was sent, which is displayed directly to the right of the senders name. The next time you open that thread you’ll be taken right back to the point previously selected. A red line will be on display to mark your chosen point.

5. Get everyone’s attention

If you have an urgent announcement to make or just need to get everyone’s attention, Slack has a few commands that are very helpful. Typing “@everyone” in a message will notify every person on your team, while “@channel” will notify everyone associated with your current channel and “@here” will notify everyone who is online, active, and available.

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