5 things to consider when moving to a new IT company

The importance of IT support to a business should not be overlooked or understated. These days, reliable and skilled technical support is vital and can act as the backbone of your business. An IT Support company is responsible for everything from the installation and configuration of computer systems, to the diagnostics of hardware and software, keeping your data secure and trying to solve any challenges that may arise.

By Calum
06 Mar 2020 / Security, Tech


There’s a variety of reasons you could be on the lookout for a new IT support company for your business:

  • You’re a startup looking for assistance from day one, seeking help with the foundations of your IT system as well as ongoing support
  • Your company is experiencing growth and you’ve realised now is the time to outsource your IT support, so your team can focus more on their roles
  • You’ve been working with an IT support company already, but feel you’re not getting what you need, perhaps you want advice about how to use technology to grow your business, rather than just fixing things when they go wrong.

Whatever the reason, the decision you make is an important one. Here are 5 things you should consider when making your choice of supplier and the questions you should be asking any company to find out if they’re the right fit for you.


1. Expertise

Do they have the right expertise in selecting and supporting the kinds of technology you plan to use? Are their team properly trained and qualified? Do they participate in ongoing training to keep up with advancements in the tech world? Can they support your platform, if you’re Mac users are they members of the Apple Consultants Network, for example?

2. Potential Growth.

Do they have the vision and knowledge base to grow with you and advise how to do so? Will they create a tech road map to help guide your company?

3. Testimonials

Can they provide testimonials from other clients? What do other customers say about them? Are they happy for you to talk directly to other customers for an honest opinion? Do they work with other companies of a similar size or the same sector as you?

4. Security

Do they value data security and have the right processes in place to protect your data and act quickly if something potentially bad happens? Will there be a disaster recovery plan in place?

5. Culture

Is their culture compatible with your own organisation’s? Are they approachable? Do you get on well with them as people?


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