What is the cloud?

Cloud computing can be simply defined as ‘the practice of using a remote server network which is hosted on the internet. This server is used to store, manage and process data rather than using your own personal computer or a local server’. So, how can that be useful for you and your business?

1. Data Security

Storing data on the cloud is generally much safer than on physical servers and provides an extra layer of security. If there was an incident such as a laptop being stolen from your office, you’d be able to delete/relocate any confidential information remotely (immediately) via the cloud. Due to a variety of systems such as advanced firewalls and intrusion detection, breaching the security measures on clouding platforms is extremely difficult. You’ll be in safe hands!

2. Staff resources

Moving all your data to the cloud can also be a huge time saver and allow your IT staff to focus on other tasks at hand. Instead of them having to check data backups are complete or monitor hardware functions, your Cloud service provider will take care of that. Loads more time to focus on other projects and be productive.

3. Less Risk of Losing Data

Another way cloud computing protects your data is serving as a backup storage system. A range of things can lead to potentially disastrous data loss which would hurt any business..hardware failure, human error, damaged devices, the list goes on. Long story short, a reliable backup plan is essential. By storing data on the cloud you’ll always have a safety net if something goes wrong with your physical devices. It’ll do wonders for your peace of mind, trust us!

4. Reduced Costs

Your business, no matter what type or size, can save massively when it comes to IT costs if you operate with a cloud-based model. Instead of the high and mounting costs of equipment, software and infrastructure, you can pick a cloud package that suits your needs. Providers charge based on features, storage, numbers of users, memory space and other factors. Once you find a package that suits your budget and needs, you’re almost certain to be saving money!

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is without a doubt one of the major benefits of cloud computing. You and your employees can access data, programs or anything stored in the cloud from any location with an internet connection. Mad dashes to the office to correct or send something can be a thing of the past. Flexibility can help save further costs too! By enabling employees to work remotely you can reduce the number of workstations needed in your office and save space.

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