This transition to a variety of spare bedrooms, dining room tables and garden sheds and away from the main business premises hangs almost exclusively on two solid provisions; great IT and great communication. Yes, other factors come into play; a motivated and honest workforce, a distraction-free environment for those home workers and a business that, operationally, lends itself to remote working. However, ultimately the competitive edge and one of the key pillars to keeping productivity and morale high and business overheads low is reliable, secure and efficient IT.

And for those companies who saw the light well before COVID-19, which has made remote working a matter of national security, they’re now reaping the rewards of having built agile cloud-based IT solutions into the DNA of their company’s operations.

With companies across the UK now having a largely home-based workforce many business owners must be considering whether, post Covid, the need for expensive business premises is still absolutely necessary. The business overheads of heat, light, rates and facilities such as catering and toilets could be absorbed, as they are now, by the staff themselves. Considerable cost savings could be achieved – if not completely having a home-based workforce but by scaling down the business premises to a more hot desking approach where working days in the office are an exception and not a rule.

With no-one really knowing what the UK business landscape will look like once things return to “normal” one thing is certain – being better prepared for staff working remotely, having a more agile IT set up and reviewing the need for expensive business premises will all be up for debate. If you’d like to have this debate with us, or any subject related to your Mac business IT needs, then get in contact! We’d love to hear from you 70-per-cent-of-firms-surveyed-have-furloughed-staff-as-scheme-goes-live