You’ve suddenly found that the Finder on your Mac has frozen, is doing strange things or has stopped responding.

How to fix a Frozen Finder

To bring it back to life, hold down the Option key, click and hold the Finder icon in the Dock and choose Relaunch. If the “click and hold” action feels a bit alien on the Mac, you can also hold down Control and Option, and then just click on Relaunch.



This normally fixes any issues with the Finder so you can keep working normally after it relaunches. However, if you’ve got a minute, we’d recommend restarting your Mac afterwards just to be safe.

Why it’s worth a restart

We sometimes get monitoring alerts from client’s Macs that have been left running for a couple of months without a restart and this can cause problems. You could be missing out on installing vital software or operating system updates. And over time, errors can occur in the memory. Restarting your Mac will get rid of any potential issues. We’d recommend rebooting your Mac at least once a week and take a quick look to ensure backups are running. If you’re not sure that you’re backing up correctly, there’s more information here.