To get a call from a respected London music entrepreneur was pretty exciting. He asked if we wanted to be involved in setting up the IT for a new, cutting-edge music recording studio.

The call was from Luke Cutler, the founder of Copper Brown. Luke told us that he was ready to ‘break the mould’ of recording studios by setting one up on the high street in North Finchley. And he wanted us to help put in place the IT infrastructure. Naturally, we were on his doorstep the very next day. It’s just the sort of challenge we love at Dr Logic!

The brief

Doing something amazing doesn’t have to be difficult. The brief was fairly simple; Copper Brown had transformed an empty space in north London into an amazing recording studio. Now he was looking for the expertise to develop the right infrastructure for the studio and deliver it to a tight deadline.

Firstly, they needed a server solution capable of handling and backing up all the music being created in the studios. Next, individual recording suites needed to be wired into the network. Finally, they needed a seamless wireless network that would provide the same coverage deep behind the thick walls of the recording booths.

The solution

The answer to the question of the network and wireless was simple; we turned to our favourite go-to products from Meraki. This delivers robust performance and security and means we can remotely configure, monitor traffic and troubleshoot issues. Consequently, with access points spread across the two levels, coverage is even and strong throughout the studio. We also set up Copper Brown’s wifi to require users to ‘check-in’ before they could connect. This will help build the brand’s footprint on Facebook and across other social channels.

Behind soundproof doors, people are going to be creating their music. Therefore, you might have one chance to capture that perfect vocal, riff or break. It was vital we put in place a bulletproof, simple-to-use storage solution. By choosing Synology for the servers, it meant we could guarantee a high level of performance, reliability and protection. In addition, setting up individual users and separate shares for the audio, visual and back office files, simplified access and backup management.

Finally, we created a wired network that stretched to each individual suite, putting in place an infrastructure capable of keeping the studio running. Each machine has individual logins for Management, Staff and Guests to allow tailored access to the server.

Copper Brown – how’s it looking?

Copper Brown really stands out on the high street. When we popped by recently there was a steady stream of turning heads and visitors calling in to find out more. Inside it’s even more impressive. The interior designer has done an amazing job; even our wireless access points were given her seal of approval!

Technically, the quality that’s visible on the surface is evident in the solutions we’ve put in place to keep the studio running day-to-day. With the countdown to the official opening fast-approaching, we feel privileged to have helped make it happen. In particular, our Technical Support Manager Dan Falzon deserves a mention.

Good Luck!

We wish Luke and everyone at Copper Brown all the best for the future success of the studio. We’re really looking forward to working with them.

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To learn more about Copper Brown, visit their website.