Here at Dr Logic, we’re all about being helpful and, since we are the masters of Macs, we believe it’s our duty to help spread our wisdom out into the world. This is why we’ve decided to create our very own MacHack series, where we will be sharing our tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of your beloved Apple Mac.

Mac keyboard shortcuts; they’re useful, they’re quick and they’re in the manual that no-one bothers to read. Luckily for you, we’ve read the manual many, many times and have picked out our seven favourites just for you. You don’t have even have to read!! What a Christmas present.

1.   Quit & Restart

Quickly shutdown and restart your Mac by pressing Control–Command–Media Eject. This will close all your apps and then restart your Mac but don’t worry, it’ll ask you if you want to save your documents first.


2.   Misspelt Words

This one is useful for those important documents which you need to send to your boss. Press Command-Semicolon (;) to find misspelt words in your document and never look a fool again.


3.   Hide Windows

To spruce up your desktop and minimise all the memes that keep distracting you from working, press Command–Alt-H (Alt maybe Option on some Macs). This will hide all the apps you had open except the one you’re in. Click each app’s icon to bring back the pages.


P.S. If you just want to get the window to disappear momentarily, you can minimise it by pressing Command-M.

4.   Restoring A Window

Have you ever got frustrated after closing a window by accident? If yes, press Command-Shift-T to open your last closed tab and continue working as if nothing ever happened.


5.   Emoji Keyboard

This one is great simply because who knew? Press Command-Control and then hit the spacebar to make the emoji keyboard popup. If you have the newest IOS it means you can access all the new emojis and enjoy an afternoon exploring them all.


6.   Autocomplete Word

If you’re an avid Word user, press Alt-Escape on your keyboard whilst in a Word document to bring up a list of suggested words. Click the one you want and hey presto, your Mac has finished your word for you.


7.   Apple Logo

Finally, this keyboard shortcut is our favourite. We aren’t sure when you’d ever need it but come on, it’s pretty cute. Press Alt-Shift-K to create a tiny Apple logo; pointless yet adorable.


We hope our shortcuts have made your life a little bit easier and made you love your Mac just that bit more.  Let us know your favourite keyboard shortcut in the comments and head to Dr Logic’s service page to see how we can help you and your company.