It’s a major problem, because for most businesses stolen credentials represent their biggest security risk. But how can you strengthen user logins in a way that doesn’t get in the way of your staff doing their job?

The answer is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Because while it’s alarmingly easy for attackers to steal one form of authentication, it’s much harder for them to steal multiple types. In fact, MFA can completely eliminate the most common and dangerous types of threat, like bot and phishing attacks. These stats show that hackers are using more and more ways to gain access to your devices – so we must use more stringent and sophisticated ways to stop them.


So why isn’t every business using Multi-Factor Authentication? The answer is that the world of MFA can be difficult to navigate – partly because there are so many different types (2FA, SMS, Push, TOTP, Web Authn, etc.), but mainly because it can be difficult to apply across your entire IT infrastructure.

We help our clients to overcome these challenges using cloud directory service JumpCloud. A highly flexible, cross-platform solution, JumpCloud enables us to seamlessly integrate MFA across your full range of devices, systems, servers, networks and apps. So we can fully protect your critical IT resources and stop costly breaches, without slowing down your staff.

Think your business could benefit from MFA? Click here for info on some of JumpCloud’s other security features. And if you’d like to know more about the services we offer, just get in touch.