Find out what other tech some of our Mac experts get excited about…



Roman Marszalek  Managing Director

I’ve just installed a Synology WiFi mesh network. It’s the first thing that I’ve tried that works 100%. It also has very straightforward and easy to configure child safety features. I use the SYnology RT2600ac as the main router and MR2200ac for mesh WiFi access points.

I also really like the Sonos Move speakers. They can work via Bluetooth and because they’re battery powered you can use them to provide music in a field streamed from a phone for an 8-year-old’s birthday party – they even drowned out the sound of the nearby sheep.

And then there’s the DJI Mavic Mini drone. It’s under 250g so you don’t need a licence, and it’s super easy to fly (all the kids have flown it with pretty much no training). The build quality is superb as well.

Paperlike is the first screen protector that makes writing and drawing on the iPad feel like on paper. It makes a massive difference writing and sketching and also protects the screen. Great for kids too.



Jennie Marszalek Marketing Director

As you’d expect, we love all things tech in our home and so it’s no surprise that we have more devices than the average “normal” household!

That’s why I love this multi charging base station Nomad’s Base Station Pro . No more hunting around for plugs and cables – and it doesn’t have those diva tendencies that so many other multi device charges often have where it won’t work unless you place it absolutely in the right place to the nearest millimetre.

Also, my Oura ring which tracks how much sleep I don’t get It’s useful as it explains why I feel tired so much of the time. And it’s strangely addictive.

My husband mislays his keys quite a lot and these little gadgets are brilliant.


Jeanette Kenyon Head of Marketing

I’m a woman of simple tastes. I just love my Techlink Recharge. It’s my portable iphone charger – which charges my phone 3 times from flat as a pancake to up and running. Love it.





Sheldene Wade Service Desk Coordinator

My favourite bit of tech, hands down, is my 256Gb iPhone XS.
It holds my life and I use it for everything. I sometimes feel like it’s become an extension or backup of my brain. I have apps for everything, from tracking what I eat, to when my cats are due for their vaccinations, to relaxing and playing games. I can do my shopping, watch a movie and reminisce over old photos, all from one small device.



Dan Barker Head of Technical

My new Logitech Pro mechanical keyboard which includes programmable lights, advanced GX clicky mechanical switches, tenkeyless design, detachable cable, LIGHTSYNC RGB, programmable f-key macros & more (253 kB). It’s my new favourite thing.



Martin Booth IT Engineer

I love my re-chargeable batteries and charger (Energizer). It’s the fact that I can use my devices without worrying about having to buy more batteries
They’ve got to be better for the environment as you don’t need to buy as many of them.




Claire Ritchie Head Office Manager

As the laundry mistress in a family of 5, one device I can not live without is the washing machine! There is a constant whirr in the kitchen as sweaty running kit, school uniform and sandy beach towels are thrown in on a constant basis. Easy to use despite lots of settings and a hard worker, there are no other devices that top my list.

We didn’t realise how much we love the sky HD box until it was out of action for 2 weeks. Loads of channels, the ability to watch and pause live tv, record programs that we will never get round to watching and on-demand service means that we can all co-exist happily as a family. As we have sky mini-boxes too we can all watch different things in different parts of the house. Most usefully is if you lose the remote, you just press the button on the sky box and the remote starts beeping to help you find it again.

The kindle means that I can escape into a totally different world within a moment and holds more books than I will ever get chance to read. Small, easy to use and extremely portable – I remember the days when going on holiday the clothes had to make space for the books – it is a firm friend.