1. Narrow down your search results

Do you find yourself scrolling through a lot of irrelevant messages when you’re trying to find something? Narrowing down your search results by blacklisting channels can be a big help. For example, you might have a team channel for talking about non-work-related stuff, which is cluttering up your search results. To fix this, enter your Slack preference settings, click Advanced, then in Search Options enter the name of the channel you want to blacklist. Fewer irrelevant results means less scrolling. And you can turn this feature on or off whenever you want. See below.

2. Speed up the message searching process

Make searching within Slack even faster and easier, across every channel and conversation: just type “/s” followed by whatever you want to find.

3. Create polls

Slack doesn’t have a dedicated feature for creating polls, but the message-reaction system is a handy alternative. It enables you to ask a multiple-choice question, and assign emojis to each answer – which then become voting tools for anyone taking part in your poll.

First, type your question and press Shift+Enter to move down a line. Next, choose your first emoji; in the example below, I chose a black circle. To do this, press the smiley face in your text box (next to the @ symbol) and pick whichever emoji you want. Then type the answer assigned to this emoji – in this case 9:30am. Repeat the steps by pressing Shift+Enter to move down another line, then select another emoji, followed by the next answer. You can do this as many times as you need. When your team are ready to vote, they can just press the smiley face with the plus in the corner (as seen below) and make their choice.

4. Stay on top of messages

When work is hectic, you can get bombarded with messages – making it much harder to keep up with everything. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, save your place in a channel or direct message by holding down the Option key and clicking the timestamp displayed. A ‘timestamp’ tells you the time a Slack message was sent – which appears just right of the sender’s name. Next time you open that thread, you’ll be taken right back to the point – which will be marked with a red line.

5. Get everyone’s attention

If you have an urgent announcement to make or just need to get all your team-mates’ attention, Slack has a few really helpful commands. Typing “@everyone” in a message will notify everyone on your team, “@channel” will notify everyone associated with your current channel, and “@here” will notify everyone who is online, active, and available.

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