It’s hard to have faith in someone if they can’t get your name right. So given my surname is a bit of a challenge in the UK, I was intrigued to find out there is a way to teach Siri how to pronounce names correctly.

Help Siri to get it right every time

Here’s an example of how to help Siri get it right. Just say to Siri, “Learn how to pronounce Jill Kresock.” In this example, Siri defaults to “krehsock” rather than the correct “kreesock”.

Siri first asks you to say the person’s first name and then presents a list of options for the best pronunciation. Tap the play button next to each option to hear it, and tap Select for the one you like best. If none are any good, tap Tell Siri Again and say the name again, perhaps changing your enunciation slightly.

Once you’ve set up the first name, Siri will ask you to say the person’s last name. So as before, just pick the best pronunciation for the last name.

Tell us what you think?

This worked really well with changing my surname “Marszalek” to the English, rather than the Polish pronunciation. Let us know how you found it.