Dr Logic himself has been unusually quiet on the subject. But he’s been an Apple addict since the late 80s and will speak no evil as far as they’re concerned. So now the dust has had time to settle, here’s his view on the first real changes in the MacBook Pro range in years. And check out the Apple page.

Hidden costs

My big concern has got to be that they’re overpriced. Looking at the new touchbar version, you’re talking about spending over £1,700. Before you could get a MacBook Pro 13” for a few hundred pounds less.

With all the ports now Thunderbolt 3, with USB-C connector, there’s little you can connect to directly without an adapter. Whether that be a screen, hard drive, iPhone or network cable. Apple likes to push the envelope, but moving to one port type, it’s the customers that are going to have to pay.

If you’re buying a new iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro, you’ll need to buy a cable to connect them, which is a bit of an insult given how much you’ve already spent.

Pros and cons

The new Intel chip limits the performance and memory to 16GB. For example, the MacBook Pro 13” touchbar model has limited speeds on its right-hand ports. This means you only have two ports on the left for higher-speed peripherals such as video storage.

On the plus side, the design of the MacBook is a big step forward, when you compare it to the previous model, and PC laptops on the market. A bigger trackpad is always good news and the keyboard is also a step up from the butterfly mechanism of the MacBook.

There’s lots of comparison stats out there if you want to know the detail. But in short, the new machines are lighter, thinner, with brighter screens and better speakers. Of course, the new touchbar will woo most people (myself included). It’s going to bring the ease of use of touchscreens alongside a conventional horizontal keyboard.

Will Google provide support for apps to make use of the touchbar? We run more of our apps via the browser, so you’d see a web page taking control of your touchbar. As you switch tabs in your browser, your touchbar would change accordingly.

Is the new MacBook Pro worth it?

I guess the question most of our clients are going to be asking is, should I upgrade now and join the bleeding edge, or wait until the first revision, when there’ll also be more peripherals and hubs supporting the new ports. If you need help making up your mind, just get in touch.