Unsurprisingly, their lists comprised largely of gadgets. When I say largely, I actually mean, entirely. But no doubt about it, there’s some amazing tech out there at the moment. So, if you’re getting last-minute-shopping-panic, and have a tech-head to buy for, then read on.

As for the Dr Logic team, here’s hoping Santa thinks they’ve all been very good!

Most popular #1 MacBook Pro

Top on everyone’s list was the new MacBook Pro with touchbar. We wrote about the new laptops on our blog a few weeks ago. Despite, the downsides we discussed, the team would be very happy to have one from Santa.

#2 Tesla Tile

The Tesla Tile also popped up on nearly everyone’s list. Elon Musk continues to push the boundaries for renewable energy and back in October, he announced the launch of the Tesla tile. As the same suggests, it’s a roof tile, which will transform a complete roof into a solar panel. Unlike traditional solar panels, this is more aesthetically pleasing, as well as being far more efficient. Maybe one for next year guys?

#3 Nest

Homeowners on the team are dead keen on Nest products. Home thermostats, smoke detectors, or cameras, Nest have been stealing the march on the early adopters keen to “gadge-up” their homes. Even I have to admit that the thermostat is pure genius. When you leave for work it uses sensors and your phone’s location to check if you’ve left. Then it switches to an eco mode to save energy.

#4 Virtual Reality

There seemed to be a general consensus that a VR gaming setup was a must-have for the festive season. Even though VR hasn’t taken off as much as expected, it’s still great fun.

There was a split across the team as to which one to go for. Dr Logic already “gifted” himself the Oculus Rift earlier in the year (plus a PC with a couple of GTX 1080 graphics cards). But there’s also the HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR on their consoles.

What we really want is what Magic Leap (or Apple, as they’re working in the same direction) will eventually release to the world, as augmented reality is really where it’s going to be at in the coming years.

#5 4K HDR TV

First we had HD, then 4K, but now HDR is all the rage. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or smaller of the two iPad Pro models you’ll already be experiencing the wider range of colour that HDR brings, that Apple calls True Tone. But now this has come to the TV. Our most wished-for model is from LG.

The Dr Logic team – their lists in full.

Aaron Smith – Senior Technical Engineer

Ollie Rooke – Office Manager

Dan Falzon – Head of Technical Support (takes it to another level….)

  • MacBook Pro with touch bar (which I’ll customise with a sound board instead of emojis)
  • Space Station Solar technology
  • McLaren P1
  • Faraday Future Zero 1 car
  • Omnipresent tech (so everywhere I go, I can control all tech from a PipBoy)
  • Tesla Tile to go with the solar
  • Pavegen (everywhere in my house)
  • Pancake printer (Like a 3D printer, but for pancakes)
  • Emotiv EPOC+ 14 EEG for creating brain controlled computers

Dan Smith

Roman Marszalek