At Dr Logic HQ, we’re really excited about the release of the Apple HomePod, a smart speaker that will compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo. It’s been a long time coming and Apple really missed out on the Christmas sales by delaying the launch.

Apple HomePod

As you’d expect, HomePod will be powered by Siri and will be able to pick up commands from anywhere in the room. We often find that Siri isn’t the most reliable in terms of understanding commands, particularly using CarPlay. But no doubt, this will continue to evolve. And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber that will be integrated too.

Finally, it should sound pretty good. HomePod includes an A8 chip which allows it to adjust the sound to suit the size and shape of the room. Plus there’s an impressive setup to support great sound quality. We’re sure that die-hard Apple fans will be keen to get their hands on this new toy, I suspect the Dr Logic office may also be getting one.


Dr Logic got his hands on the iPhone X on release day and he’s become a big fan of Face ID. The industry rumours all point to Apple rolling out Face ID to other devices, so we’d expect to see many of the iPhone X innovations appearing on an updated iPad Pro. It should look amazing!

There are also rumblings about Apple introducing a new low-cost iPad to better compete in the tablet market. We’d certainly welcome a robust cheaper model to keep the kids occupied on long car journeys.


The release of new iPhones has become as predictable as the British summer, but even we hadn’t been expecting three iPhones in 2017. Most people are expecting the first release in September to be an update on the iPhone X and potentially a new X Plus version with a 6.5″ OLED screen. We think it’s a safe bet that Face ID, faster processors and improved battery life are likely to feature in the new phones. Other than that we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground in the run-up to September.

Our only other thought is what is Apple likely to do about it’s naming convention? Will we be switching to Roman numerals for the iPhone XI?!

MacBooks and iMacs

MacBooks what's new in 2018

We’re getting used to seeing annual updates to the MacBook Pro, so it’s likely there will be one in 2018. As the new design only came out in 2016, we’re largely expecting this just to be chip and performance improvements; we’ll probably hear more in June. The MacBook also only came out two years ago, so again, other than speed and performance improvements, we don’t think there will be any big changes this year.

Our friend the iMac hasn’t had a makeover since 2012, but given the iMac Pro came out in December, we might see some of these design finesses on the iMac. It’s safe to assume Apple will be improving the performance of the iMac.

Mac mini

Mac mini

The Mac mini has been sadly neglected since 2014. It’s a real shame, as we still have lots of clients that make good use of these little stars. Given that Apple has said they have no plans to discontinue it, we think there’s a chance it could be updated for September. And if that includes Kaby Lake Refresh processors, that’s good news for anyone needing to update their current machine.

Mac Pro

Last year, Apple announced it was working on a new Mac Pro, a high-end desktop and professional display which would support VR and cinema production. There’s been no word about a release date. But, with Apple having been somewhat left behind in having a machine with VR capability, it’s likely that the pressure will be on to get the Mac Pro launched this year. This really will be one to watch for.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

There’s been a new Apple Watch every year, since its launch in 2015, so we’re predicting (along with everyone else!) that Series 4 will come out in September. However, given the design hasn’t changed, we’ve been reading about possible changes that might include a thinner, brighter display. Perhaps, if industry rumours are true, Apple will steal the march on health and fitness wearables this year.

AirPower Charging


Apple has not said too much about it’s new Apple’s wireless charging device, other than it will be out this year. Called AirPower, the mat has been designed to charge the Apple Watch, iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus simultaneously. Which is welcome news for the Apple addicts in our office

What’s your view?

Do you agree with us? What are your thoughts on what’s going to be coming out of the Apple stable in 2018? And what would you like to see Apple do next? Please share your comments below.