Perhaps you’re a business owner not convinced that you need or want someone external, but you’re spending more and more time trying to solve IT issues yourself? If you’ve started researching IT support companies and have happened upon our blog, here’s some food for thought.

You might think that it’s a bit too much to expect impartial advice from an IT support company, but we talk to lots of prospective customers facing this conundrum…”Am I really going to get value-for-money from paying for an IT company?”

This depends largely on your business. Are you reliant on IT to run your company day-to-day? If you lose work, could you lose a contract or a client, or have to spend hours re-creating the files? Is one of your team spending hours out of their day dealing with IT issues, pulling them away from their actual job? If any of these sound familiar, it may make sense to explore how an IT company could support for you.

But what exactly will you be getting for your money? And what should you be looking for from a provider?