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Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens first approached Dr Logic in 2016, as they were having problems with their existing IT company. Find out how we restored their faith in IT support.

Candy Kittens first approached Dr Logic in 2016, as they were having problems with their existing IT company. They were also finding that the cloud-based file sharing solution they had in place was inadequate for their needs.

Initially, we migrated Candy Kittens to Google Workspace, for their email and file sharing on Google Drive. This was a much more robust and collaborative system, allowing them to all work on files at the same time if needed, instead of creating duplicates of all their files. It’s also allowed us to have some fun with their email signatures; with gifs and other banners added to all company emails, and these changes made in just 5 minutes, we help ensure that branding is in place across the company.

After some niggling ongoing issues with phones and the wireless signal cutting out, we’ve recently upgraded to a Meraki MR42 Wireless Access point. Guest access was also configured, meaning visitors have to ‘Check In’ on Facebook for access. We also look after Candy Kittens VoIP system, providing troubleshooting support on another supplier’s system.

For day-to-day support, Candy Kittens have a dedicated Slack channel with Dr Logic. This allows them to quickly communicate with us on any issues they’re having.

Our team really enjoy working with Candy Kittens and not just because they send us lovely sweets! Ed and Katherine are great people to work with, they just need their tech to work and are happy for us to make recommendations on how they can gradually invest in improvements to IT to make their business more efficient.

“They always go above and beyond in assisting us, whilst being highly professional and approachable.”
Katherine Vincent, Office Manager


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