IT Consultancy for London Businesses

Investing in your business’s tech can be tricky. Perhaps you’ve already invested but are just not sure how to get the best out of it. Or maybe you know your business needs investment to achieve a much-needed digital transformation, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Whatever your needs, we help London-based companies get the most out of their IT investment.

In fact, it’s what we do best.

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How can Dr Logic help you?

As an expert Mac IT consultancy, we offer a range of bespoke services to develop, support and evolve your IT strategy. These include:


Cyber security consultancy

Our London-based team will provide you with the specialised expertise needed to forensically analyse your IT infrastructure to identify, and then plug, any weaknesses to prevent security breaches.


IT cloud consultancy

We offer guidance on getting the most from the cloud – we do this by recommending software and services that are the best fit for your business. We then help implement them seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime to your business.


IT strategy consultancy

Our consultants will develop your long-term IT strategy and help deliver any change management programmes as a result. Our approach is to ensure all staff in your business are onboard with any business-critical IT changes before we implement them.

Who do we help — and how?

You’ve put time, effort and investment into your IT, but you’re not sure what to do next to leverage the investment to get the best results.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Perhaps you’re aware that you need new or updated technology for your business to grow, but you’re not sure how to go about getting it.
  • Maybe you have specific IT problems and challenges that you want advice on.
  • Your business might not have the in-house capability, capacity or skills to take your business forward.
  • Your business might be undergoing a period of growth and you're in need of strategic direction.

In short, whether you want to consult on one project or on the digital transformation of your entire IT infrastructure, our London-based consultancy services can help. And as founding members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), we have in-depth expertise in Apple products, alongside PC know-how.

As you'd expect from an IT company who have been in business as long as Dr Logic, we really are a one-stop shop for the IT Services that will keep your business operating at optimum level.

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Why Dr Logic?

We have almost 20 years’ experience delivering IT consultancy and solutions to London-based businesses. As co-founders of the ACN, we are proud Mac specialists. Whether your business uses a combination of Macs and PCs, or Macs exclusively, we can provide the in-depth support you need.

From consultancy to implementation

Our team of IT consultants take full ownership of your digital improvement programme from beginning to end. Having a specialised IT consultancy team is rare for an IT support provider like us, with many other providers offering only helpdesk staff or field engineers. With our in-house IT consultants, we can provide both the services you need and the consultancy know-how to implement your strategies.

And unlike other IT service providers offering consultancy services, we won’t just consult with you, provide our recommendations and then abandon you to deal with the plan — our London-based IT Consultants operate alongside our IT Project Management Team so you get a fully integrated team delivering your digital transformation.

Fair fees

Consultancy is an investment, and a worthwhile one. If your technology isn’t working, or you need advice on how tech can help you realise your growth ambitions, then consulting with experts should be your next move. But it doesn’t need to be expensive.

We know that in London consultancies often charge eye-watering day rates which leaves you with a smaller budget from which to implement the changes you need. We offer fair fees and your project will be a fixed price at the start.

A tailored approach

No two businesses are the same. So no consultancy should offer predetermined one-size-fits-all solutions. We identify issues in your business and present solutions that are achievable, based on your business’ size, growth ambitions and budget. We take the lead from you: what you want to consult on, we’ll work on. But if we find other issues or have further suggestions to make, we’ll point them out to you. That’s the benefit of a true partnership.

Working closely with you, we define what success looks like, deliver plans based on that, and help action them regardless of where your business is in its IT journey — all at a competitive price.

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So, do you think your business would benefit from partnering with Dr Logic?