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Strategic IT consultancy services

Helping companies get the most out of their IT is what we do best. Sound advice, practical guidance and a solid IT plan tailored to your business is exactly what you will receive when you appoint Dr Logic as your IT consultant.

And our London Mac IT Consultants talk your language, are great listeners and are, wait for it, Consultative. I know, radical isn’t it? We love nothing more than listening to companies to really understand what their particular IT challenges and pains are – and then providing tailored advice for the right IT solutions. We’re 100% confident that the right IT infrastructure and solutions will transform how your company does business.


We’re nuts about Apples

We specialise in Apple technology but just because we love Macs doesn’t mean we’re not also experts in providing professional IT consultancy to get you the right IT infrastructure – regardless of hardware.

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IT consulting services in London

Our business IT consultants in London carry out Mac IT consultancy for London based SMEs across a variety of industries including Marketing and PR agencies, Architects, Engineering, Financial Services, Design and Advertising – all sectors who primarily work with Macs. However, we also work with many clients who have mixed environments too.

Our IT consultancy services include

IT Security

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting businesses with Phishing emails and Ransomware, as they know there’s potentially money to be made by holding a company to hostage over it’s data. Don’t be one of those targeted companies!
Our Blog Page has loads of articles you may find useful on this subject – this one on MFA explains the benefits of Multi Factor Authentication

IT Infrastructure

As businesses move towards cloud-based services, a robust and fast IT infrastructure is as fundamental to the running of your business as the power supply.

IT Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity isn’t rocket science – it’s really about ensuring that your business can quickly recover from minor events, such as a computer being stolen, a server failing, or your internet connection being unavailable for an extended period of time.

Why not check out our Blog which details the importance of having a robust BCP during the Covid19 crisis

IT Transformation

IT transformation is a bit of buzz word at the moment but simply put would be Dr Logic conducting a complete reassessment and overhaul of your company’s technology systems with the objective of improving your team’s efficiency and delivery. Voila!

Hardware and Software

With so many changes in technology, it can be hard to know where to invest your IT budget. Let us help you spend wisely.

Cloud Solutions & Migration

Cloud computing is essentially using the Internet to store and access applications, data and programs instead of having software installed on your company’s computers or servers. And migrating to this solution will be pain free with Dr Logic.

Not just an IT consulting firm, we implement too!

As well as advising London organisations on how best to achieve their IT objectives, we are often appointed to take full ownership of IT projects from concept to completion. Experience tells us that a true end to end approach will give you the best outcome – so, if we’ve provided you with IT consultancy, we’d love nothing more than to implement the IT set up we’ve recommended.

View IT Project Management Services

A Dr Logic IT Project example

Dr Logic started working with Marcus and his team in 2009, when we supported them moving from PC to Mac (one of our favourite projects to work on!). Since then, Marcus’ studio and his team has grown in size and stature.

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Our IT project management approach

The key to a successful project is defining requirements, communication and constantly collaborating throughout the life of the project. Your dedicated Dr Logic IT Project Manager will work as part of your team to achieve your IT project goals. Here’s how we like to approach a new project brief:



Our Mac IT consultants meet with you to define the project requirements and understand what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll work closely with you and your team to develop an initial IT Project Management Proposal



We never work in isolation, so when we come back with a proposal outlining your options, we’ll have already talked through practicalities, timescales and a realistic budget. At this stage, we’ll provide you with a written IT Project Management Proposal so you can make sure it’s going to meet your needs.



Once everyone’s happy, we develop an IT project plan and review this with you to make sure you’re comfortable with timings, who’s going to be involved and what to expect along the way. When everyone’s happy, we start work.



We track all IT projects using Wrike, a software package which means everyone involved is able to view the IT project Plan to see what’s going on. So you can always view timings, next steps and who is assigned to any given task.


Complete & Review

Once the work is complete, we’ll check back to make sure you’re happy. If there are any outstanding issues, we’ll make sure these are resolved.

Tell us about your IT project

We’re really lucky to be working with some amazing clients, some who joined us when they were just starting out. We work with Architects, PR companies, Fashion Designers, Landscape Designers, Marketing and Branding Agencies, Graphic Designers and niche Financial Services. Big or small, if you’ve decided you need expert IT project management services why not get in touch?

IT Consultancy Services

Love and marriage, rhubarb and custard, cheesy chips – some things are just meant to be together.

And IT Consultancy and IT Project Management are no exception.

Yes, of course, Dr Logic will come and implement an IT Project that has already been consulted on and scoped out (either by another IT provider or by your in-house team) but when it comes to transformational IT Projects, experience tells us that a true end to end approach will give you the best outcome.

If you’d like to talk to us about your business IT needs, then please get in touch


Why choose Dr Logic

If you’re a Mac-based business, you need find an IT partner who really understands Apple. There are lots of IT companies out there, so our advice is to choose a company that knows their Mac tech, but who’ll also be a good fit with your culture and your team.

Here’s a few reasons why entrepreneurial and creative businesses choose Dr Logic.

Why Choose Dr Logic for Mac Support We’re Apple Mac Experts
Apple Consultants Network Logo Apple Consultants Network Members
Dr Logic Est. 2003 We’ve 16 years' experience
Our Clients Love Dr Logic We love our clients and they love us!

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