Dr Logic has built a reputation for helping creative companies with all things Mac-related. And for being that little bit different.

In 1986, Dr Logic got his hands on his first Mac and so began a lifelong obsession with Apple. In 2003 he started Dr Logic and over time, gathered together like-minded techies who wanted to do cool stuff with IT.

We’re based in Clerkenwell and we support companies across London.

Meet the Team

Hello! I’m Roman (the Dr Logic) and I’d like to introduce you to my brilliant team of Mac wizards.

Getting the right Mac IT support doesn’t happen by accident. Great service and good relationships come from collaboration. We’d like to learn about you and your business and help you do even more amazing things with IT!

  • Aaron
  • Adam
  • Andrew
  • Anthony
  • Anton
  • Calum
  • Cavan
  • Claire
  • Dan
  • Giovanni
  • Jennie
  • Jonny
  • Michael
  • Mike
  • Pawel
  • Rick
  • Roman
  • Sheldene
  • Yvonne

Aaron Smith

Project Engineer / Joined Dr Logic in 2012 / Apple Certified Support Professional

Every office needs a hipster, and Aaron gladly obliges. A cornerstone of Dr Logic, he’s been with us since 2012 – and is our longest-serving member of staff. Before that, he worked for Apple and Packshot. One of the more camera shy members of the team, Aaron prefers to be on the other side, keeping his Instagram updated with his #iphonephotooftheday whilst walking his chihuahua cross.

  • First Device: iMac DV Indigo
  • First Record: Do the bartman 7” Vinyl

    Adam Kenton

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic November 2019 /

    Adam has been working with Apple devices for as long as he can remember – he wonders if they made a cot mobile at any point? He’s worked in MSPs for the last 10 years and has been supporting businesses in the Creative sector for most of his career.

    He has a real passion for IT automation and so will be getting his head under the bonnet at our current clients to see what improvements he can deliver. Adam was also part of the Microsoft 365 platform since launch back in 2011, he likes to be first in line for new technologies.

    When he’s not at Dr Logic, Adam enjoys spending time with his young family. He also likes to go fishing and take holidays in Europe.

  • First Device: Apple iMac G3
  • First Record: Kenny Thomas - Thinking about your Love

    Andrew Black

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic July 2018 / Apple Certified Support Professional 10.13

    Andrew is our IT Jedi master, with over 20 years’ experience in IT, with a particular focus on the creative and marketing industries. Early on in his career, he established the IT department in a growing publishing company. And then specialised in developing in-house IT services. He studied Cognitive Science (Computer Science, Psychology and Philosophy) at Leeds. When not working his magic at Dr Logic, Andrew is an avid film fan.

  • First Device: Macintosh Performa 475
  • First Record: Paul Hardcastle - 19

    Anthony Portsmouth

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic May 2018 / Apple Certified Support Professional 10.13

    After graduating with first class honours in Film Studies, Anthony moved to New York to train as an actor.

    He was in the chorus in the film Les Miserables and also starred in an Experian advert. After returning to London, he decided to add another string to his bow to help support himself. He chose Technology, and hasn’t looked back since!

    Anthony Spent three years in the IT team at News International as a Junior, and eventually Senior client service analyst before joining Dr Logic.

  • First Device: iMac G3
  • First Record: R Kelly - I believe I can fly

    Anton Marcelline

    Helpdesk Engineer / Joined Dr Logic February 2018 / ACSP, ACTC, ACSA, ACMT, ACPT

    Anton has supported Apple products for some 20 plus years and seen many changes at Apple and the IT industry as a whole. Outside of IT, he likes attending art and photography exhibits as well as record and antique fairs when he can afford to do so.

  • First Device: Macintosh Performa 5200
  • First Record: Adam & The Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier

    Calum Langlands

    Marketing Manager / Joined Dr Logic January 2020 /

    Calum has experience working in a wide and somewhat random variety of roles across the globe. From coaching football in Australia, working for the YMCA in the mountains of Northern California and eventually becoming a content manager in London.

    Wherever the location and whatever the company, he always found himself drawn to the marketing side of things. When the opportunity to join the Dr Logic marketing team arose it was the perfect fit.

    Outside of work you can find Calum watching/obsessing over his beloved football club Liverpool FC and attempting to become a regular runner. Key word being attempting.

  • First Device: iPod Shuffle
  • First Record: Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone

    Cavan Lang

    Project Engineer - Client Side / Joined Dr Logic September 2019 / Apple Certified Support Professional 10.14

    Cavan has been working in IT for the last 14 years, and with Apple tech since 2012. He was the only Mac tech at his first position at an outsourced IT Company. Cavan joins Dr Logic from his role as the ICT Manager at the leading technology school in South Africa and only Apple Distinguished School in Africa.

    When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling, PC gaming, football, golf, cricket or any sport with a ball. He also loves spending time with his wife venturing around London or staying at home watching box sets or gaming together.

  • First Device: Nokia 3310 / Intel 486 P
  • First Record: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

    Claire Ritchie

    Office Administrator / Joined Dr Logic September 2018 /

    Claire joined KPMG as an office temp and over a decade later was still there looking after hundreds of graduates training to become accountants up and down the country and managing a £4 million pound budget. After having children, moving to Devon and undertaking a variety of voluntary roles, paid employment beckoned once again and here she is!

    When not working, Claire can be found playing taxi driver and social secretary for her children, stalking Take That and drinking vast quantities of gin!

  • First Device: Nintendo Gameboy
  • First Record: Jason Donovan - I'm Doing Fine

    Dan Barker

    Head of Technical Services / Joined Dr Logic November 2018 / ACDT, Jamf 200 (Certified Technician) and Jamf 300 (Certified Admin)

    Dan joined Dr Logic as part of our Field Engineer team, bringing his expertise in deployment and unobtrusive IT. Luckily for his clients, having been in Apple Mac IT support since the tender age of 17 there’s not much the self-confessed ‘Apple enthusiast’ hasn’t seen.

    We soon recognised his talents and promoted him to our Head of Technical Services, where he now leads our technical team and concentrates on developing and improving our technologies.

    Outside of work Dan is a big fan of the NFL and the Green Bay Packers and is quick to assure skeptics that the 2019 Superbowl was simply a defensive masterclass. His following of American sports has come at a cost, in order to make the late-night games Dan has been known to drink more coffees than the rest of the office put together.

  • First Device: eMac
  • First Record: Michael Jackson - Dangerous

    Giovanni Bazan

    2nd-Line Technical Engineer - Client side / Joined Dr Logic November 2019 / Apple Certified Support Professional 10.9

    As the saying goes “Once you go Mac, you don’t go back” This is very true as Giovanni first started his career with Apple retail in 2011 and has continued supporting Apple users in-house as well as running his own business supporting small to medium-sized businesses and private clients. It’s safe to say he’s absolutely passionate about Apple and its products.

    When he’s not at work he enjoys a game of pool with friends, or on rainy cold days playing online video games. He also likes meeting people from different cultures as well as travelling.

  • First Device: iPod shuffle 1st generation
  • First Record: Eminem, The Slim Shady LP

    Jennie Marszalek

    Marketing & Operations Director / Joined Dr Logic 2015 / BA (Hons) English, CIM Diploma

    Chief crayon-person and organiser of all manner of things, Jennie joined the team to help support the growth and expansion of Dr Logic. Having spent 17 years in Group Marketing at Lloyds Banking Group, which included closing Piccadilly Circus at 4am to run black horses through the streets of London. She eventually escaped the rat race, swapped her heels for wellies and moved down to Devon.

    When not looking after Dr Logic’s Marketing  – our website, PPC, social media and direct marketing, she enjoys wine, chocolate and looking at the sea (and sometimes her kids!).

  • First Device: Mac SE
  • First Record: Duran Duran - Rio

    Jonny Swire

    Technical Operations Manager - Client Side / Joined Dr Logic September 2019 /

    Jonny has worked in IT Support for over 10 years, including serving as Head of IT at the British Embassy in Amman, Jordan. He loves meeting new people, solving problems and generally being the go-to guy for all questions and queries.

    Outside of work he can be found watching bands, trying to keep fit, quoting The Inbetweeners and doting over his 2 adopted dumpster cats Weasel2 and Vinnie Paul.

  • First Device: iMac G5 (pre iSight)
  • First Record: Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction

    Michael Unwin

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic August 2018 / Apple Certified Support Professional

    Having worked in IT for more than 5 years, Michael has developed a good understanding of IT in a number of environments but always wanted to return to Macs. He is always looking forward to meeting new and interesting people, building great relationships. Most likely to force people in the office to listen to his choice of music (which is always best!). In his spare time, he enjoys going to gigs, events and trying out the latest craft beer.

  • First Device: iPod Mini
  • First Record: System of a Down - Toxicity

    Mike Thompsett

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic November 2019 /

    Mike has two passions, fixing all things computer-wise and the other is Deejaying, although mainly on the radio these days.

    Mike gained his Apple service certification back in 1988 when Apple only had a few products to sing about, the MacPlus and that hideous Image-Writer. This was when good old Unix ruled the world and MS-DOS 2.1 came on a Compaq pc laptop (5/14 floppy drive type) that required a Skateboard to carry it about unless you were Geoff Capes.

    Mike has always loved that D.I.S.C.O. vibe being a 70’s Kid, but he’s now into E.D.M… But it’s Still Rock ‘n’ Roll to me (a Billy Joel reference in case you need to Google it). He’s even swapped his Vinyl and CDs for digital – just to prove he’s still down with the kids.

  • First Device: MacPlus
  • First Record: Liquid Gold - Dance Yourself Dizzy

    Pawel Trembecki

    Field Engineer / Joined Dr Logic December 2018 / Apple Certified Support Professional 10.13

    As the other half of our industrious Helpdesk Team Pawel is the first port of call for clients experiencing IT issues, and after 2 years as the only internal IT help at his previous company there’s not much he hasn’t seen!

    When he’s not closing tickets in the office Pawel can usually be found sneaking house music into the Sonos queue or brewing himself a mug of healthy yerba mate tea while ignoring the various guilty sugary treats in the kitchen.

  • First Device: 1st Generation iPod Nano
  • First Record: Queen - Greatest Hits

    Rick Leach

    Project Engineer / Joined Dr Logic June 2018 / Apple Certified Support Professional

    Rick has been an onsite Apple-centric engineer, since 2010. He’s a husband, father, fan of craft pale-ales and he also has a weak spot for online games.

    When Rick hasn’t got his head down working on a project, he’ll be telling everyone about the new podcast he’s found and spouting lyrical about the plus-sides of cooking with a cast-iron pan.

    Happy and willing to get involved with any and every aspect of IT, he’ll help you whether it’s to do with personal backups of your baby photos or discussing whether you should join Apple’s DEP for your company hardware.

  • First Device: iPod Classic
  • First Record: Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

    Roman Marszalek

    Managing Director / Founded Dr Logic in 2003 / Apple Certified Support Professional

    As the owner and founder of Dr Logic, Roman prides himself on having owned more or less every device Apple has ever made. As a self-confessed tech fiend, Roman recently fulfilled his dream of owning a Tesla Model X called Elon. One day, he hopes to have every device in his house connected to his iPhone.

    Roman splits his time between London and Dartmoor, where he can be found roaming tor-to-tor in an effort to exhaust three kids and two spaniels.

  • First Device: Apple ][e
  • First Record: Bobby Brown - Don’t be Cruel

    Sheldene Wade

    Senior Helpdesk Engineer / Joined Dr Logic November 2019 /

    Sheldene is all about cats and Apple. She has been doing IT support for 20+ years, starting out as a Novell Network Administrator and then transitioning into Apple and Adobe support. Her favourite part of the job is troubleshooting problems. Joining us from South Africa as a recent-ish import, she is loving the UK. Weekends are spent with her family, crocheting, listening to podcasts and taking photos of her beloved cats.

  • First Device: Apple iMac G3 Graphite
  • First Record: Queen Live At Wembley ’86 Vinyl

    Yvonne Sobiech

    Technical Operations Manager / Joined Dr Logic August 2019 / BA (Hons) Marketing and Management

    After getting her degree in marketing and management, Yvonne decided to head off and explore the world. She lived in Ireland and Australia before finally settling in London.

    After working at Apple for 7 years as a Genius admin, we managed to entice her to join the Dr Logic team to help keep us as organised and efficient as she is.

    Yvonne is a huge fan of true crime – books, podcasts, you name it. She also enjoys the simple pleasures in life and is one hundred per cent filled to the brim with wanderlust. Although we hope she’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

  • First Device: iPod Nano
  • First Record: Tic Tac Toe - Klappe die 2te
  • Did we mention highly qualified?

    We’re members of the lovely Apple Consultants Network, a community of professional service providers specialising in both Apple and third-party solutions. Our staff are Apple-certified technicians and Dr Logic is a member of the Service Desk Institute. Last but not least, we are also G Suite, Microsoft and Meraki-certified partners.

    You can also read independent reviews on the Apple Consultants Network.

    Our Values

    At Dr Logic we’re passionate about all things Apple, but we have a simple mission – to help our clients to do amazing things with IT. We pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with our clients, by always going the extra mile.

    Exceed expectations

    Go beyond what’s expected.
 Fix things right, the first time. Challenge the status quo.

    Act with integrity

    Respect our colleagues and our clients. Promote and encourage equality and fairness. Recommend the best solutions for our client’s budget. Be open and honest.

    Take ownership

    Step forward when things go wrong. Don’t ignore problems, come up with solutions. Never let a colleague fail.


    Spot opportunities for our clients to improve through technology. Develop ourselves and keep up-to-date with technology. Share knowledge and best practice with clients.

    Why choose Dr Logic?

    If you’re a Mac-based business, you need find an IT partner who really understands Apple. There are lots of IT companies out there, so our advice is to choose a company that knows their Mac tech, but who’ll also be a good fit with your culture and your team. Here’s a few reasons why entrepreneurial and creative businesses choose Dr Logic.

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