Emails – cyber security’s forgotten frontline

It’s such a basic, everyday part of the way you work, it’s easy to forget that email is so central to data security. And that’s the problem. Everyone in your company sends and receives emails hundreds of emails every week, if not every day. And all it takes is for someone to click on the wrong message to open up your whole business to attack.

In fact, phishing attacks (emails from hackers, which pretend to be from a trusted source) are consistently the number one source of data breaches. And as data protection regulations become ever stricter, the cost of such a breach – whether you lose your own confidential information or that of your clients or customers – is greater than ever, in terms of fines, disruption and damage to your company’s reputation.

But it’s not always clear how to strengthen your email security, both to prevent infected, rogue emails from getting through your firewall in the first place as well as helping your staff spot something dodgy in their inbox. And when pretty much every email provider out there claims to be ‘secure’, it’s not obvious which service to choose or which plan will really give you the level of protection you need.

How can Dr Logic help?

We can strengthen every aspect of your company’s email security by training your employees, helping you create an effective email security policy, and ensuring that you’re using the right security features – both those offered by your email service and/or a third-party provider.

  • Training
    Since most breaches are caused by human error. Falling victim to a phishing email scam, for example, can lead to a breach and potentially data loss. So, it’s essential to provide your staff with email security training – not least because it’s a requirement for GDPR compliance and for Cyber Essentials certification. We offer remote courses and on-site workshops that help your staff understand the traps that are out there, how to spot them, and what steps they can take to minimise the risks.
  • Policies & procedures
    We can also help you to define your company’s email security policies and procedures – ensuring that they follow best practice recommendations, and that they encourage your staff to take sensible security precautions, like practicing good password hygiene (i.e. not using the same passwords for multiple email accounts).
  • Providers & plans
    We’ll help you choose an email provider that offers best in class security, with built-in security features like automatic threat filtering, multi-factor authentication (so it’s harder for a hacker to get into an account, even with the password), and automatic alerts warning that an email you’re about to open be risky. And since some email providers offer extra security features with their premium/enterprise plans, we can also advise you on whether it’s worth getting an upgrade.

Third party services

If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection, separate from that offered by your email provider, we’ll provide you with cutting edge technology from a leading expert. Mimecast, for example, uses a live threat database to filter every email coming into your business, to eliminate phishing attacks before they even hit your inbox. And it also protects you if there’s an outage and your main email service goes down: you can simply log into Mimecast and read and send emails just like normal.

Are you looking to strengthen your email security, but need help choosing and implementing the right solution? Just get in touch, to find out how we can help.

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