Anti-virus Software

What is it?

Antivirus is an essential line of defence against malware (malicious software) attacks, like viruses, worms and Trojan horses. It can also prevent or remove adware, spyware, ransomware and other types of malicious programme. Simply put, it works by searching your files for viruses and checking for any suspicious programme behaviour that might indicate an infection.

Why does your business need it?

Antivirus has long been a key part of any business cybersecurity plan. And today, it’s more important than ever, because cybercriminals are increasingly targeting companies rather than individual users, since their data is usually more valuable, should they want to sell it or hold it ransom.

Any kind of malware can wreak havoc: just one infected computer can open up your whole network, putting your data, employees and even your clients and customers at risk. And even relatively minor attacks can cause significant downtime until the infection is located and removed and damaged or deleted files are restored.

That’s why it’s vital to install antivirus on every device in your company, and to teach your employees how they can help to protect against these kinds of threats.

Anti Virus Software For Macs

How can Dr Logic help?

There are a lot of antivirus products out there, but at Dr Logic we recommend CrowdStrike Falcon, an advanced next-generation anti-malware and antivirus suite which offers state-of-the-art endpoint protection.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Detects both known and unknown malware and ransomware.

Behavior-based indicators

Detects when an attack may be imminent and using Indicators of Attack AI (IOA) stops sophisticated fileless and malware-free attacks in their tracks.

Exploit blocking

This stops the execution and spread of threats via unpatched vulnerabilities. And using Threat Intelligence prevention, blocks activities known to be malicious.

Anti-Virus protection is so crucial for businesses that we always automatically include this in our Support Contracts. So, to find out more about how we can protect your business from malware attacks, just get in touch.

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