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Since most breaches are caused by human error, it’s essential to measure, monitor and boost employee cyber awareness by providing your teams with regular and engaging Cyber Security training.

We partner with a training provider run by cybersecurity professionals to offer remote courses and on-site workshops that help your staff understand the traps that are out there, how to spot them, and what steps they can take to minimise the risks.

Identifying your employees’ weaknesses

There are lots of training and certification programs out there, though many focus on broad information security skills rather than providing your staff with the targeted skills they need to help improve your network security.

With Dr Logic, our bespoke training plans are built around your employees’ knowledge gaps.

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How does it work?

Your employees will be asked to take part in a short test specifically designed to identify your staff’s individual security blind spots. By doing this, we can assess specific user risk areas, build unique risk profiles and provide user-tailored training programmes to automate the fix.

To do this, we auto-enrol users onto their own personalised training programmes designed to tackle their unique risks. This includes prioritisation within the training to focus on employees’ weakest areas.

Once your staff have started their learning experience, we monitor their progress and automate reports for managers to provide visibility over user performances and overall progress in employee knowledge and skills. This helps your business demonstrate compliance during audits by tracking training adoption and demonstrating user progression.

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    Deploy with ease: 100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.

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    Automate training: Save time by automating repetitive admin tasks.

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    Build risk profiles: Understand your users’ biggest security vulnerabilities.

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    Target risk areas: Prioritise courses that eliminate users’ unique risk areas, including phishing simulations.

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    Track progress: View real-time performance and enable weekly summaries.

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    Achieve compliance: Measure training adoption and demonstrate compliance.

Keeping employees engaged

Creating customised employee programmes is one thing. But if the learning isn’t engaging or memorable, your employees might not retain the information and go on to act in cyber secure ways. The training is designed to drive employee’s cyber awareness in several ways:


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    Using video and interactive features, we help users retain information through short videos and engaging learning

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    Accessible in multiple languages, so everyone in your business can understand the information in as much detail as possible

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    Enabling employers to choose between a ‘fun’ and ‘corporate’ style, based on the communication style of the business

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    Utilising micro-learning through bite-sized modules to keep users engaged

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    Demonstrated phishing attacks through simulation, instantly educating at-risk users.

With phishing attacks and social grooming tactics on the rise, coupled with remote working, your staff are your biggest defence. And also your biggest risk.

Working with a team of cybersecurity practitioners, our training course provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to become security aware. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our tailored Cyber Security Training packages.

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