IT Change Management

What is it and why do you need it?

When it comes to technology, nothing stays the same forever. Eventually, every device your business is using will reach the end of its lifecycle and need to be replaced. And over time, your business needs are also likely to change – meaning at some point, you’ll probably want to refresh, upgrade or add to your office software.

However, just because change is natural, that doesn’t mean it’s easy – especially if you’re planning a lot of changes at once, which will impact the way your employees work or your company is run. And if these changes aren’t implemented correctly, there’s a risk that instead of helping, they’ll cause a lot of unwanted disruption, both technically and emotionally.

That’s why IT Change Management is so important: essentially, it’s a set of processes for ensuring that major changes of technology cause as little interference as possible to the running of your business.

How can Dr Logic help?

When we’re helping companies to plan and execute major projects, IT Change Management is a key part of the support we offer. Using our extensive experience and following best practice guidelines, we’ll work with you to make the process as smooth as possible by:

  • Developing and implementing a structured plan, timetable and approach
  • Communicating with people across your company, to explain the rationale for the change and what to expect
  • Engaging with employees directly, so they feel involved in the process and can voice any queries or concerns
  • Offering training to the relevant employees ahead of time
  • Setting up a rollback/mitigation plan in case the change fails or creates unforeseen problems
  • Testing the planned change in a staging environment before it goes live
  • Testing the change after it’s gone live, to ensure that it’s been implemented correctly and to resolve any issues

Are you planning a major change to your IT infrastructure? Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you through the process. Or click here for more information about our IT Project Management services.

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