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: The future’s bright. The future’s cloudy.

In recent years, there’s been a real surge in cloud computing. And for our team of IT consultants, the only surprise is that it’s taken this long. Because as well as slashing a lot of up-front costs, the cloud makes your business more flexible and productive, while making your data safer and more secure.

But while the benefits of the cloud are generally pretty well known, it’s a different story when it comes to knowing how you actually go about moving your business systems and data there. Because if you don’t have the right kind of expertise in-house – and not many companies do – the process can feel pretty daunting. That’s where our London-based IT Consultants and Mac IT Project team can help.

For example, how do you know which parts of your IT set-up to migrate to the cloud, and in what order? And which cloud services or IT solutions will best fit for your business, in terms of your needs, budget and technology? Then there’s the migration itself: most email systems are already cloud based but how are you planning to move the rest of your company’s data, with minimum risk or disruption? Or manage the process of getting your staff up and running on your new systems?

How Dr Logic can help

As an expert IT consultancy, we can offer guidance on getting the most out of the cloud – both by helping to choose the software and services that are the best match for your business, and by helping you to implement them as seamlessly as possible.

We do that, first and foremost, by listening to you – your aims and objectives, what you want from your new cloud-based technologies, who’ll be using them and how and what your medium and long term IT strategy is. Once we’ve had a thorough look at your IT set-up, we’ll talk through your available options – whether you need advice on which systems to migrate or which cloud services to use.

Once you’ve settled on a plan, our Mac IT project team strategically map out the cloud migration and implementation process – for example, by working out which systems to prioritise if you’re taking a phased approach, or by identifying any potential hiccups, risks or obstacles you might encounter.

No matter what type of cloud project you’re planning, we’ll provide you with the guidance you need to avoid the potential pitfalls and find the right solutions for your business. And our business IT consultants will offer this advice in a way that’s both clear and objective – expressed in language you can understand and tailored to your particular needs.

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Not just an IT consulting firm, we implement too.

Whatever advice we provide, it will always follow the Dr Logic approach – informed, practical, based on broad understanding of the latest cloud technologies and expressed in clear language you can understand and tailored to your business needs.

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    Our London-based Mac IT consultants meet with you to define the project requirements and understand what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll work closely with you and your team to develop an initial IT Project Management Proposal.

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    We never work in isolation, so when we come back with a proposal outlining your options, we’ll have already talked through practicalities, timescales and a realistic budget. At this stage, we’ll provide you with a written IT Project Management Proposal so you can make sure it’s going to meet your needs.

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    Once everyone’s happy, we develop an IT project plan and review this with you to make sure you’re comfortable with timings, who’s going to be involved and what to expect along the way. When everyone’s happy, we start work.

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    We track all IT projects using Wrike, a software package which means everyone involved is able to view the IT project Plan to see what’s going on. So you can always view timings, next steps and who is assigned to any given task.

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    Complete & Review

    Once the work is complete, we’ll check back to make sure you’re happy. If there are any outstanding issues, we’ll make sure these are resolved.

If you’re looking for advice on moving your IT systems to the cloud, get in touch. Or to find out how our business IT consultants can support you with the migration process itself, just click here. As ACN (Apple Consultants Network) members, you can be confident you’ll be working with a team of experts.

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