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The pitfalls of a poorly planned IT and office relocation

When you’re planning an office move, it’s easy to assume your IT hardware won’t be more difficult to move than your other fixtures. But when it comes to IT, you’re not just moving your office furniture like desks or chairs, but an intricate network of equipment. So if you don’t plan it the right way, that network can be difficult to replicate at your new premises, causing a lot of delay and disruption when you move in.

That’s assuming, of course, that your old technology even fits your new location. Not just in terms of physical space, but the way your new office is set up: it might lack structured cabling, for example, or be completely off grid. And if you’re moving to a managed office, the managing company may have the IT infrastructure set up in a way that limits the technology you use.

But even if it’s possible to set up your IT systems exactly how they were before, you also need to consider whether that’s really your best option. Because if you had any annoying IT niggles in your old office, you’ll just be packing them up and bringing them with you, along with everything else.

In this case, it might not just be moving day that gives you a headache, but the entire business relocation that causes unnecessary stress.

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How Dr Logic can help

For us, an office move isn’t a challenge, but an opportunity to reassess, and – if necessary – improve or expand your current IT set-up. So as well as making the relocation process as smooth and fast as possible, we can also help to ensure that your new office’s IT infrastructure is a step up from the one you were using before.

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We’ll start by asking you what parts of your current IT set-up you want to keep and if there’s anything you’re looking to improve. We’re not talking about furniture removal and storage units, we mean faster internet speeds, better data security or the capacity to take on more employees. Or perhaps you want to move away from Ethernet cables and go completely wireless.

We’ll then scope and survey your new office, to check what kind of IT infrastructure it supports, and if there are any issues that need addressing before you move in. And based on what we find, we’ll come up with a design for your new IT set-up that fits your current and future needs, as well as your new location.

Before the move, we can help you prepare by disconnecting everything, then safely packing and labelling it for transport. And we can talk to your moving company, to ensure that the right equipment comes off the lorry first, so we can get your IT systems up and running again as soon as possible at the other end. Here’s a blog you may find useful on how to ensure the perfect office relocation.

Are you looking for support with an IT relocation — one that’s competitively priced? Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

Are you looking for support with an IT relocation – one that’s competitively priced? Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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