IT Security

Over the last decade, cyber security has become a vital part of corporate culture. But while companies have strengthened their security measures, cybercriminals have also kept abreast of latest technologies and have become ever more sophisticated and aware of corporate vulnerabilities.

Today’s digital technologies are transforming the way we work for the better but they also provide hackers with more opportunities to steal our data, identities and intellectual property. Which is especially worrying, given that hackers are now increasingly targeting businesses instead of individual users.

We’ve partnered with a cutting-edge IT security consultancy to ensure that we’re providing our clients with the best possible digital security products, systems, services and support. Working with them we provide ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus certification, end-to-end penetration testing, Cyber Health Checks, IT Security Training and a virtual Chief Information Security Officer to name but a few.

You’re in safe hands with Dr Logic.

Tailored Service Offerings

Service Desk
Device Management
Endpoint Protection
Monitoring & Remediation
Quarterly Business Reviews
Full-Time On-Site Team

The below can be provided via projects where not included
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Technical Consultingoptional
Disaster Recovery Planningoptional
Asset Lifecycle Managementoptional
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