IT Service Management

We’ve been providing Mac IT support to London companies since 2003, helping businesses of every shape and size in a whole range of different ways. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that when it comes to IT Service Management, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

That’s why, instead of offering a single off-the-peg IT support plan we tailor each solution to the client by getting to know their business. You can have a fully outsourced IT support function and helpdesk where nobody in your company is responsible for your tech right through to having your own Dr Logic IT Team based at your premises but fully employed by us. We’ll put an IT Service Management proposal together for you after an initial consultation so you’ll see exactly what we’re recommending, why and how much it will cost per month, per user and per annum.

Tailored Service Offerings

Service Desk
Device Management
Endpoint Protection
Monitoring & Remediation
Quarterly Business Reviews
Full-Time On-Site Team

The below can be provided via projects where not included
20% discountadditionaladditionaloptional
Technical Consultingoptional
Disaster Recovery Planningoptional
Asset Lifecycle Managementoptional
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When we talk about tailored and flexible IT solutions, we really mean it.