Data Backup Solutions

What is it?

As the name suggests, data backup is the way you backup all the information that your company creates, uses and owns. That includes all the files on your servers and your employees’ computers, as well as cloud services like email and calendaring.

To have an effective backup policy, you should store versions of all your files either on site or somewhere different to your main, everyday storage. This means you’ll still be able to recover any files that are deleted, overwritten, hacked or corrupted. And if your office is inaccessible for any reason, you’ll still be able to access your IT systems and data and get your team up and running with as little downtime as possible.


Why do I need it?

Losing work information can seriously damage your business. For example, if you’re racing to meet a deadline on an important project and a computer or server fails, it could force you to redo the work: the extra costs and delays could damage your company’s reputation and even jeopardise a client contract.

And let’s not forget, not all data loss is accidental. If your data is compromised by a malicious attack, having an effective backup means you can wipe any affected devices, knowing that your data is safely stored somewhere else.

What are my options?

There are a number of different ways Dr Logic can ensure your company’s data is backed up.


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    Computer Backup

    We can backup all your employees’ laptops and desktop computers – protecting their work if any of their machines fail or are damaged, lost or stolen, or if their files are corrupted. We’ll make sure that backups are running constantly throughout the day, so if there’s any issue, the losses will be minimal. This is particularly important if you have staff who work remotely, and who don’t have regular access to your servers to backup their files as they work.

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    Server Backup

    We can also backup all your company’s servers – both those in your office and/or those housed remotely. As well as using on premises backups, we recommend backing up your servers to at least one other location (and ideally several), like the cloud or a secure data storage centre. That way, your work will be protected from disasters like theft or criminal damage. And if your servers are ever unavailable, you’ll always have a backup somewhere else – which can be worked on until you’re up and running again, or brought to your office to further reduce the downtime.

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How Dr Logic can help

We already provide cloud backup services to most of our clients, since it’s a key part of most of our support plans. As part of our discovery workshop, we assess what backups and security features you already have in place and make recommendations on improvements, taking into account your business’ needs and priorities.

As part of these recommendations, we’ll look at your cloud backup options. As well as offering a host of other benefits, most of the leading cloud software suites, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Dropbox, offer built-in backup for every file you create, edit, share or store using that service, from emails to documents, spreadsheets to calendar entries. And being cloud-based, these services will automatically back up every change you make in real time, so you have peace of mind over all your business and personal data.

Whatever kind of backup solution you need – a cloud service, dedicated servers in a remote data centre, backups in your office, or a combination of all three – we provide our own, cost-effective service for backing up your individual servers and computers.

Are you looking for a really robust, reliable way to backup your data? Or maybe you’re looking to develop an entire Disaster Recovery plan? As a cloud backup, London-based company, Dr Logic can help develop your backup solution as part of your wider IT success pathway. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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