Secure File Sharing

Today’s file sharing services allow you to do much more than simply send something to a colleague to get their thoughts. Multiple people, in multiple locations can now access and edit documents simultaneously. Far more efficient than sending documents back and forth as email attachments or downloading large file transfers, this also eliminates any version control issues since you’re only ever working on one document.

However, the biggest benefit of today’s cloud-based file sharing platforms is that they allow anywhere, anytime file sharing from any networked office or mobile device. And that’s becoming increasingly vital for both productivity and collaboration, as more and more employees work remotely, instead of in an office. Take teamwork to the next level with a modern file sharing service.


Which secure file sharing service is right for your business?

There are a range of online file sharing services out there, most of which offer similar core capabilities — though some provide additional features. So the best option for your business will depend on your specific needs, your budget and the other software you’re using, which will need to be integrated.

We always recommend talking through the options with your IT Service provider as they’ll advise on infrastructure integration and licensing implications, amongst other things.

Some file sharing solutions:

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    Google Drive

    Drive integrates seamlessly with other Google services and makes it easy to sync and share files from any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

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    Microsoft 365 OneDrive For Business

    A cloud storage service from Microsoft that allows individual employees to store their own files and folders, and share them with selected colleagues.

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    Enable anytime, anywhere teamwork by securely accessing and collaborating on files from any platform, including mobile, desktop, and web.

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    Share any type of file and folder with anyone using any device for a range of sharing options, including creating a shared link or sharing directly from Box.

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    A service that allows you to create a centralised cloud workspace for collaborating on files of any type or size, from any location and using any device.

Remember that your files are no less important to security than your servers. Files include sensitive data and information, so for robust data security, you want to make sure the file sharing solution you choose has strong security features.

Are you looking for advice on choosing and implementing a file sharing service? Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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