Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity, communication and collaboration package from Google that provides you with everything you need to do your best work, and which works seamlessly from any computer, phone or tablet. It includes all Google’s most popular tools, like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive and Calendar for business. So using a single suite of apps, you can reach your colleagues wherever they are, bring your projects to life, instantly save and share files, and securely manage your users, devices and data.

Work faster, work smarter

Google Workspace allows you to work on projects seamlessly across all your devices, from laptop to mobile apps, with or without an internet connection. Tools like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides allow you to work on a document with colleagues or people outside your company

You can see edits as other people type, communicate using the built-in chat feature and ask questions in comments. Anyone with a Google Workspace account in your business can work on a document at the same time, and every change is saved automatically, so it’s easy to revert to any previous version.

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Keep your team connected

Using shared Google calendars allows you to see when your colleagues are available, and use automatic Gmail invites to schedule meetings. And with a single click, you can turn your meeting into a Google Meet video conference, accessible from any camera-enabled computer, phone or tablet. And it’s just as easy to share your screen at any point, to review your team’s work and make decisions on the spot.

Simplify file storage

Google Workspace allows you to keep all your work in one place, with secure access from your computer, phone or tablet. You can instantly invite other people to view, download and collaborate on any file, instead of sending it to them as an email attachment. And every file update is automatically saved in Google Drive, so everyone always has access to the latest version.

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Defend your data and devices

When you use Google Workspace, you’re benefiting from the same cutting-edge security infrastructure that Google uses. You can protect your company’s data with security options including Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On, and use Mobile Device Management to keep your data safe if someone loses a device, or when employees leave the company. You can easily configure your security settings from a centralised admin console, or contact Google Support for help 24/7.

And if you need more capability once you get up and running, you can add more apps through the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Google Workspace Services

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