VoIP Telephone Systems

What is VoIP and why do you need it?

As the name suggests, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system runs your phone calls through an internet connection, instead of a mobile network, landline or mobile network like a traditional phone system.

This allows your staff to make or receive business calls from your company number wherever they are – in the office, at home or on the move, and using any device e.g. a VoIP desk handset, computer or a mobile device. And no matter where your staff are and where they’re calling, international calls will actually be cheaper than traditional systems.

You can also talk internally from one extension to another without incurring additional charges. And, finally, you’ll be making calls as if from your company’s own phone system so the person you’re calling will see your company’s number.

What’s the best solution?

At Dr Logic, we recommend Zoom, a cloud-based business communications platform that’s far more versatile than most VoIP services, and streets ahead of traditional business phone systems. A one-stop communications solution, as a cloud based phone system or video system, you can use Zoom for:


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    voice calls

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    business messaging

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    team messaging

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    project collaboration

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    video meetings

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    conference calls

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    call recording


As well as cutting costs, using just one provider for all your communication needs is great for productivity, because it means your staff no longer waste time switching between different apps and devices — the days of needing to be at your desk to use the office phone are a thing of the past. And it’s also fantastic for teamwork: no matter where your staff are, they’ll always have access to collaboration tools like real-time messaging, HD video conferencing and file sharing.

Simple to set up and use, Zoom is also incredibly flexible – allowing you to customise your phone system simply by adding extra apps, and to scale it up simply by changing your monthly plan. It’s also worth noting that Zoom is one of the most secure VoIP systems out there, offering 7 layers of data protection – at a physical, network, host, data, application, business process and enterprise level.


How Dr Logic can help

We’ve helped many of our clients to get their businesses up and running on VoIP platforms and we can handle everything from installing the software to procuring the hardware, and upgrading your connectivity  to ensure that it’s fast and reliable enough to support voice calls.

To find out more about how a VoIP service like Zoom could benefit your business,  contact us today.

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