What is Identity Management?

Identity Management (sometimes also known as Identity and Access Management, or IAM) is the process of ensuring that the right users have access to the right IT resources. So it’s a key part of your cybersecurity plan – checking that your users are who they say they are, and providing them with the correct level of access. Here’s one of our Blogs on ID management which you may find interesting.

What should you look for in an Identity Management system?

Security is paramount: if a cybercriminal can successfully impersonate one of your staff – for example by stealing their login credentials – this can open your whole company’s network to attack. Today, it’s one of the leading causes of data breaches: we all have so many different passwords to remember, we tend to either use simple ones that are easy to crack, or the same password for multiple accounts.

However, you don’t want your IAM system to slow your business down – for example by making it harder for your staff to access resources, or by forcing them to use software that makes them less productive. And the same goes for managing the system itself: ideally, you want a platform which won’t require a lot of extra on-site IT hardware, or bog your system admins down with a lot of fiddly access changes.

What’s the best solution?

There are a number of good Identity Management services and systems out there, but at Dr Logic, as an experienced business IT consultancy we recommend JumpCloud as the most secure and efficient way to connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files.

  • Automatically manage and secure user identities across your entire IT system, through a central directory and using a single secure login.
  • No need to add any on-site servers or infrastructure.
  • Cross-platform means it fits seamlessly into almost any IT set-up – whether you’re fully Mac-based like our IT service team here in London, or if you also have some Windows or Linux systems.
  • Works with almost any software platform, from Gsuite and Office 365 to Salesforce and Jira.
  • Manages user access to any of your apps and IT resources, whether they’re desktop, WiFi or on-site.

How Dr Logic can help

We’ve helped many of our clients to get set up with world class ID Management systems – JumpCloud being one of them. Experience tells us companies are either looking to boost their data security, or need an Identity Management system that’s user-friendly and which won’t involve uprooting their existing IT infrastructure.

When it comes to identity management expertise, Dr Logic will manage, update and maintain the system with zero disruption to your teams – you won’t even know we’re there beavering away in the background keeping your data and your user I.Ds secure and safe from unwanted attention.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about we manage user IDs via JumpCloud then check out a recent webinar JumpCloud and Dr Logic hosted

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