Web hosting

If your business relies on its website for ecommerce or for generating business leads, it’s vital to have a fast and reliable web host. Google will even penalise websites that are too slow, especially on mobile devices.

What should you look for?

There are a lot of web hosting providers out there, and most of them are relatively inexpensive. The most important thing is to choose a provider that ensures great performance, based on the volume of web traffic you’re expecting.

We always recommend using an SSL Certificate for your website. This protects sensitive data like credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, by allowing secure connections between a browser and web server. It also gives visitors extra reassurance that your website is genuine, since they’ll see a padlock and “https” in the URL. Although primarily a security protocol, SSL is rapidly becoming a necessity for all websites, since it’s favoured by search engines like Google.

How Dr Logic can help

We offer an affordable web hosting service, and if you’re switching from another provider we can also manage the migration process. We’ll handle all the associated admin, including the renewals process for hosting and SSL certificates, so you don’t need to worry about suddenly finding your website unavailable. We bill monthly for this service, alongside your regular support contract.

Domain name management

Your domain name (your company’s internet address on the internet) is a vital asset both for your business and your brand. It’s a digital reproduction of your brand so must be protected. Your current domain names are probably already registered with a provider, and will renew annually. However, it’s important to keep track of these renewals, so you don’t accidentally allow them to lapse – for example, if someone leaves your company, or a credit card expires.

How Dr Logic can help

Maintaining domains can be a time-consuming administrative task. We can manage the end-to-end process for you, ensuring that your domains are proactively managed and simplifying the billing.

Web Development

In today’s digital marketplace, a website or web app is often a client or customer’s first – and in some cases only – point of contact with your company. So you need it to create as good an impression as possible – to be beautifully designed and user-friendly, as well as stable and secure.

But hiring your own in-house web development team is expensive – not just in terms of salary and recruitment costs, but all the hardware they’ll need. And if you can only afford one or two developers, will they be able to produce a fully functional and tested site or app as quickly as you need?

That’s why your best bet is often to outsource the project – for example to a web development house. But however technically skilled they are, how can you be sure that they’ll really understand your particular business needs? Or that your new site or app will work seamlessly with the rest of your IT systems?

How Dr Logic can help

Building beautiful websites.

Our dedicated web development team builds beautiful, user-friendly websites and web apps that both our clients and their users love. You can rely on our technical expertise and attention to detail to create sites and apps that are expertly crafted, tailored to your current needs and scalable to your future growth.

Our experience handling different types and sizes of web project, enables us to guide you through every step of the process – from consultation, design and prototyping, to QA testing, deployment and integration.

CMS – keeping your website fresh.

Dr Logic offers this as a standalone service, but if we’re also handling other areas of your IT, this makes the process even smoother: if we already understand your business and technology, we’ll also know how to create a site or app that perfectly fits both your needs and your IT set-up. And it also makes it that much easier for us to handle any ongoing maintenance.

Cost-effective solutions

Whatever type or size of online resource you need to create, we can come up with the best solution for your budget.

Rapid results

We know that when it comes to building an online presence, you can’t afford to wait around. We guarantee to produce a first prototype – or Minimal Viable Product (MVP), as it’s also known – in 4-12 weeks.

Beautiful designs

Design and user experience are key to the success of every website or web app. We take care to make our designs elegant, intuitive and perfectly suited to your company’s brand – both visually and tone of voice.

Reliable products

People won’t use a website or app if it’s clunky to use or doesn’t work as intended. That’s why we make testing and quality control central to every step of the development process.

Cutting-edge frameworks

We use the latest development frameworks like Ruby, Zend, ASP.NET, AngularJS, to create web resources that are well structured and easy to test and maintain.

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