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Unless you’re a tech aficionado, chances are you might not be up to speed on the latest developments in business technology.

We’ve done all of the research...

We understand that as a business grows, its needs change. We’ve been working with like-minded businesses for over 14 years so understand what IT services and support works well in different organisations.

We’re not tied to any particular suppliers, although we do specialise in Apple, this means we’re able to look at a wide range of products and services. For many business’, we also help troubleshoot services from their existing suppliers.

Our IT support services include managed IT, business continuity and disaster recovery planningcloud solutions, and so much more. Whether, you’re a small start-up or an established business, we can tailor our IT solutions to a wide range of industries from Marketing, PR & Design Agencies, Financial Services to Architects.

We can solve all of your IT business challenges, why not get in touch for some impartial advice?


How can Dr Logic help your business?

Dr Logic can help your business, by offering impartial advice on a whole range of IT and support services. We work with trusted partners, but can also recommend and implement solutions from across the marketplace to meet your needs.

Our approach

With 13 years experience of working with a whole host of companies, across a range of sectors, we’ve got to know some of our clients really well. It’s given us a unique insights into what works well in a number of sectors. Not all IT companies are the same; talk to Dr Logic to find out why we’re the right choice for your creative business.

Getting started

To find out how we can help you improve the way your business operates and to take the aches and pains out of IT support, please drop Dr Logic a line or pick up the phone.

Mac IT Support for Business

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Why choose Dr Logic

If you’re a Mac-based business, you need find an IT partner who really understands Apple. There are lots of IT companies out there, so our advice is to choose a company that knows their Mac tech, but who’ll also be a good fit with your culture and your team. Here’s a few reasons why entrepreneurial and creative businesses choose Dr Logic.

Why Choose Dr Logic for Mac Support

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