Data Backup

What’s data backup?

Data Backup, as the name suggests, is a way of backing up the data that your company owns, creates and uses. Be that any files on employees’ computers, the files and folders on your server, or cloud services such as email and calendaring.

Having an effective backup policy means that versions of your files are held on storage either on site or at another location, other than the main storage you use everyday. This means that if work is deleted, overwritten or corrupted, you are able to restore your lost work and files. And, if a major disaster means that your premises was inaccessible, you have plans in place to be able to access your IT systems and get your team up and running again with minimal downtime.

Why does my business need it?

If you’re working towards an imminent deadline on an important project and a computer or server fails, it could result in work having to be redone, large costs, impact on your organisations reputation or even jeopardise a client contract.

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting businesses through phishing emails and ransomware. If your data is compromised by malicious action, having an effective backup in place gives you the ability to wipe any affected devices, knowing that your data is safely stored elsewhere.

What do I need to know?

There are many ways to put in place effective backup for your company:

Computer Backup

We can backup all laptops/desktops which will protect individual team members work if their machine fails or is lost, damaged, stolen, or if files are intentionally corrupted. Backups will run continuously throughout the day to ensure that in the event of an issue, any losses are minimised.

This is particularly important if you have mobile, or remote working staff, who don’t have regular access to the server to backup their files.

Server Backup

By backing up your servers to another location or to cloud-based storage, this protects all your work from anything that may happen on site such as a fire, flooding, theft or criminal damage. The data needs to be restored, before it can be used again.

However, you can also provision servers in your offices, where you main servers replicate to, or to servers located offsite in a secure data centre. If your servers are unavailable for whatever reason, you now have a backup server which can either be worked on until you are up and running again, or can be brought to the office to reduce down time further.

How Dr Logic can help

We already provide backup services to the majority of our clients, as it’s one of the fundamental aspects of comprehensive IT support. As part of our discovery workshop, we assess what you already have in place and make recommendations where improvements should be made, taking into account your business’s needs and priorities.

We can provide cost effective backup for individual computers, servers as well as server colocation. And we also provide backup for companies who don’t use our support services, but want the reassurance of having backup in place. Get in touch to find out more.


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