Device Management

At Dr Logic, we use Jamf Pro to manage settings and preferences across all the devices within a company.

This allows new users’ machines to be automatically configured and deployed with the appropriate software. Or, if an organisation wants to change certain settings (e.g. locking down the ability to use USB devices, or adding new software) this can be applied across all users immediately, without the need to manually change each individual machine. It can also be used to update software and the operating system.

Jamf Pro allows us to set up different settings for user groups, so Design, Finance or Management can have individual setting and access profiles to the rest of the company. This also means that it’s easy to manage people leaving a company, by automatically revoking access on their last day.

Businesses now depend on mobile devices, and therefore it’s vital to be able to manage their security to prevent data leaks. Jamf Pro and Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables us to remotely wipe mobiles, iPads or computers, if they are lost or stolen.

Device Enrollment Programme (DEP)

Apple DEP allows computers purchased for your company to be enrolled via their serial number with Dr Logic’s management server. When the new computer arrives, once it connects to the internet, and the user logs in, everything is installed automatically, so the user is able to start working with little delay.

Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

The VPP allows companies to purchase multiple licences for mobile and desktop apps from Apple’s App Store. Rather than employees using their own Apple IDs to purchase software, which then becomes problematic when someone leaves, VPP allows software to be allocated to employees as required, but removed and assigned to other people as required.

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