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We probably don’t need to tell you what internet and broadband is!

As businesses move towards cloud-based services, a robust and fast internet connection is as fundamental to the running of your business as the power supply. And if your business works with large files, or you want to synchronize to an offsite or cloud-based backup, then you’ll also want ensure access to adequate upload speeds.

What do I need to know?

There are numerous providers offering a fast, cost-effective service, but you need to be aware that sometimes what’s advertised in terms of speed isn’t always what you’ll get. You’ll also want to consider if business customers have prioritised customer service.

For larger companies who need very fast download and upload speeds, a leased line could be something to consider. This provides a dedicated connection, which will guarantee speeds and service levels in the event of an outage.

If you’re running the majority of your business on cloud-based services, you might also want to consider a second service with another provider, in the event that your main connection is unavailable for any length of time.


How Dr Logic can help

We have close relationships with a number of high-speed broadband suppliers. We can help you assess the optimal requirements for your business, planning for future needs as well as where you are now. Get in touch to find out more.


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