Managed Wireless Network

Whether you’ve got an existing service you’d like us to support, or you need a network setting up from scratch, Dr Logic can help.

For contract clients, we proactively manage your wireless setup as part of our service. But if you’re starting from scratch or want to upgrade your current wireless performance, we can help you plan what connection speed you’ll need and where to place access points to ensure comprehensive wireless coverage throughout your office.

It’s vital to have the right internal network setup, so that your employees can use multiple devices across fast and secure wireless throughout your building. And If you regularly have clients or customers on site, then you’ll want to offer your guests wireless access without compromising the security and performance of your own private network.

At Dr Logic we recommend Meraki wireless access points, which allow us to remotely monitor performance and troubleshoot issues. We’re also able to identify and alert you if there is unauthorised use of your network, such as peer-to-peer file sharing or downloading inappropriate content.

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